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Intel’s User Experience Vision on Display at Computex!

taipei-101-tower-night-city-sceneThis certainly seems to be the season of technology trade shows.  We’re just now wrapping up the first ever CES Asia, and next week is Computex.  If you’re not familiar, Computex (in Taipei) is the largest technology trade show in Asia, and is the second largest technology trade show in the world, second only to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, in terms of size and attendees.  This will be the 35th year of the show, and beginning June 2nd,  Taipei will host over 1,700 exhibitors, and expects over 130,000 visitors, with some 38,000 flying in from other countries.  So it’s easy to see the impact the show can have. The list of exhibitors reads like a who’s who of technology, and Intel is proud to be part of it.

At Computex you’ll see some amazing technology from Intel; the Internet of Things, the Cloud, and the future of the user experience will be hot topics at the show.  Intel’s User Experience Vision is in full motion, and attendees will find the latest and greatest UX technologies on display next week. Intel wants to eliminate every last wire from the computing experience, and their No Wires vision combines several ground-breaking technologies to do just that.

  • RealSense, always a crowd-pleaser, will be there as well, showing what’s possible with a device that sees and understands the world around it.  The latest products with RealSense capabilities will be on hand to wow attendees.
  • Sick of your annoying docking cables at your desk? No problem; Intel® Wireless Dockingoffers a clean, wireless desktop environment.
  • Frustrated with connecting cables from your laptop, tablet, or phone to your TV?  Try Intel® WiDi, ready to display up to 4K without wires.
  • Tired of charging cables? Check out Intel’s wireless charging solution, based on the A4WP standard.

So get ready, because Intel is making the future of computing, and next week the future is in Taipei.

Would you like to know more about Intel’s User Experience Initiatives? Visit intel.com/experiences to learn more.

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