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7 Things to Do at O'Hare When Your Flight is Canceled: Winter Weather Creativity

I was home for the holidays and didn’t get any snow. Now, I’m reading the news from home that O’Hare has canceled over 300 flights in advance of a snowstorm that is supposed to dump 4-8 inches of snow in the Chicago area. For someone like me who doesn’t have to deal with snow all winter, the idea of fresh snow is refreshing and magical, but I also remember how frustrating a bunch of snow can be when it interferes with your travel plans. I really feel for the travelers stuck at O’Hare today. Below are 10 things to do in and around O’Hare to pass the time. That is, if you’re not going to get a room at a hotel to wait out the weather.

intel blue chicago snow1. Get some “Chicago Mix” from the Garrett Popcorn shop in terminal 3.
I can never resist stopping for popcorn when I come through O’Hare. It’s really good. Don’t forget to pick up some napkins, because it can also get a little messy.

2. Take & share snowfall pictures.
I found the one at left on Flickr by jfisidore. It’s got some Intel blue creativity going on. Drop me a comment below with a link to your favorites.

3. Stream a good movie on your laptop.
I was just at CES in Las Vegas so here are some suggestions for you: Las Vegas Movies to Stream.

4. Watch tech tip videos.
We’ve got a good selection of snackable videos you can watch without a huge time investment. Watch Tech Tips with Dave Taylor for more about streaming video, video chats and Facebook privacy and security, or catch a few Tech Chef Tidbits with a brief introduction to the UltrabookTM inspired by Intel or watch a brief tutorial for help choosing the right processor. You can even watch this awesome CGI video and Unfold What’s Possible with your PC. Go ahead, get creative with your computer.

intel blue neo lights ohare5. Take Creative Pictures at O’Hare.
While I’m interested in seeing the best of your winter travel pictures from O’Hare, I’d also love to see your creative pictures around O’Hare. At right is another picture I found on Flickr by aschultz that also reminds me of Intel because of the use of blue in this neon light photo. If your like getting creative with your photography, you might like this post with 10 photography tips for great photos.

6. Have dinner at Wolfgang Puck.
It’s better than traditional airport food with several locations around O’Hare serving pizza, pasta, salad, soup and sandwiches. I’ve picked up a caesar salad on the way to catch a flight and it was pretty good.

7. Shop for new technology.
In Terminal 2, check out the new tech gadgets and enjoy the massage chairs at Brookstone or browse around at Tech Showcase. For what’s new in technology, check out this summary of CES 2012 or our showcase on Ultrabook.

Hang in there! Safe travels.


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