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Texts, Tags & Tweets, Oh My!

This weekend Intel’s Kelly Feller (@Kellyrfeller) and I were part of a group of 150 moms from 28 states (plus Canada) who swarmed Napa as part of the Manic Mommies “Escape.”



Manic Mommies Creators, Erin Kane and Kristin Brandt


Manic Mommies creators Erin and Kristin (@emkprgal and @kristinsb)  are the epicenter of an online community of moms who come together (virtually) to talk, commiserate, get advice and share knowledge about juggling careers, children, husbands, and housework. 




The key feature is their weekly podcast, which is seriously funny and entertaining, like you’re having a conversation with a close friend. In their spare time (what’s that?) they write the tech blog for RealSimple, and Erin is a member of the Intel Insider social media advisory panel. 

This year for the third time they held their annual “Escape” conference for their community.  Intel was lucky enough to participate and talk to these women about social media — ” TEXTS, TAGS & TWEETS, OH MY: DEMYSTIFYING ONLINE SOCIAL TOOLS FOR PROFESSIONAL & PERSONAL GAIN.”


The power of online communities really came to life for me at this conference. You listen to some podcasts, make some comments, join the community.  Pretty soon, you and “Sally” are exchanging emails.  Then “Trish” asks you to be her friend on Facebook.  Also of a sudden, you have a group of online friends who you’ve never met.  The online relationship comes first and foremost before the opportunity to meet in person arises via “Escape.”


Now this audience isn’t a bunch of black clad, 20 something, San Francisco livin, social media “gurus.”  These are “Walmart” moms from all over the country. It shouldn’t really surprise me that women would use technology to enhance their lives. 


After all women love tech tools that make their lives simplier, easier and more fun.  And what could be more fun than building friendships with a group of women with similar interests who just happen to live miles away but can seem so close through sites like Manic Mommies. 



Alison Wesley

About Alison Wesley

Alison Wesley is part of the consumer media relations team at Intel, responsible for the company’s consumer PR outreach in Intel’s Global Communications Group. She’s worked in communications for over 17 years, covering a variety of consumer technologies, including spending eight years at Intel Corporation in Asia pacific and the U.S. Most recently, she has focused on Intel’s efforts around innovation and how technology is changing the lives of consumers today and into the future. She also oversees the Intel Advisors program (formerly the Intel Insiders program), an award-winning program that helps Intel to gather immediate advice and better engage authentically with consumers through the networks of 10 external social media influencers and near dozen of the now three-year-old program’s alumni. These Advisors make up some of the most popular and followed consumer-targeted social media names today.

One Response to Texts, Tags & Tweets, Oh My!

  1. Kim says:

    I was one of the Escape attendees who, after seeing Erin’s guest post, thought I would dig into the Intel site a bit more. I came across this post and was hoping for a recap of the session given at the Escape.
    Imagine my surprise to see we came across as ‘Walmart’ moms. The connotation here appears to be that we aren’t as sophisticated, intelligent or capable as younger, single, childless women.
    Many of us are actually educated, sophisticated, capable women in our own right and I don’t consider any of the attendees to be ‘Walmart’ moms.