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A New Year’s Resolution to Save You Time

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions this year? Along with spending more time with my loved ones and investing more in my health, I’d love to also find more time in my days. Intel’s Asia Pacific Regional PR Manager Paul McKeon recently wrote the entry below with some interesting information focused on how much time we spend waiting for our PCs, and then he offers a solution that could save you time equivalent to half a work day!


If your New Year’s Resolution is to spend less time waiting for your PC, Intel has good news for you.

Today marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year. Along with it being the Year of the Dragon, 2012 is being called the Year of the Ultrabook. In a nutshell, Ultrabooks are a new breed of device, inspired by Intel, which combine the best features of a PC in a package which is thinner, lighter and more responsive—all without breaking that other popular resolution to ‘save more’.

The good news is Intel has designed an industry-wide blueprint for Ultrabook devices which means, among other things, they are more ‘zippy’ than the computer you are probably using right now. So switching to an Ultrabook system will mean you’ll spend less time waiting for your PC to catch up with you in 2012.

In order to carry the name, Ultrabook devices – no matter the brand name they wear – must wake up from deep sleep in less than 7 seconds. Your current laptop probably takes up to a minute to do that. How they do it? Well, do you really care? All that matters is that they do, right?

Ultrabook devices are powered by Intel Core processors, so they have the power of a full PC, but they use a special chip which only sips power, so your battery lasts longer and you can stay on the go, and use your computer like it was intended, for longer.

Ultrabook devices also take advantage of a bright idea called Intel Turbo Boost Technology. Just like the turbo in your car, this clever technology provides a short burst of computing power only when it’s needed, allowing the chip to conserve power when it is not.

All three technologies are designed to make sure your Ultrabook device is where you need it, when you need it. An Ultrabook device can’t yet call your mother more often for you, or remind you not to have the second piece of chocolate—but two out of three New Year resolutions isn’t bad, right?

How long do we spend waiting for our PCS anyway?

Let’s do the math. Your current PC may take a minute or more to wake up from deep sleep (aka hibernate) first thing in the morning.  An Ultrabook device takes less than seven 7 seconds. Every time. So an Ultrabook device could save you 5 minutes in a week, 20 minutes in month or 4 hours in a year—that’s half a work day!

Hate to wait? Some stats:

A study on ‘Hourglass Syndrome’ was conducted by Intel in the United States in 2010 and found:

  • 8 out of 10 adults admitted to getting frustrated by having to wait for their electronic devices;
  • 62 percent admitted to getting so frustrated they yelled at the device; and
  • more than one-third said slow technology had caused then to miss out on something.

So while you’re counting calories and money, don’t forget to get a brand-new ultra-sleek and ultra-responsive Ultrabook device so you can also count the minutes you’ll save by not having to wait for your PC to keep up with you as you move ahead to accomplish big things this year. Happy New Year!

Ultrabook, Inspired by Intel


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