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An Introduction to Generation Y and Intel Insider

This is a featured guest post by Intel Generation Y intern; Vishakha Gupta

This past week I have been doing some research on Generation Y. Who are these people you might ask? They have been described as entitled, tech savvy, family centric, achievement-oriented, team oriented, and attention craving.   These are the people who grew up with internet, smartphones, ipods, and basically have had access to information, free information I might add, at their fingertips for nearly their entire life.  So, why should we care, you ask?

Today, these young adults are beginning to enter the workforce; and also quickly becoming the next generation of major consumers.   This means that several companies will now have to figure out how to appeal to this hard-to-please generation.

A Google® search on how to market to this generation will give you a list of their demands:

  • cheap cost
  • high quality
  • fast service
  • an experience

As a person of Generation Y myself, I have to say this list is pretty accurate. Look out world here comes a generation that’s going to keep everyone on their toes!

So how will Intel® appeal to this generation?

Intel has launched Intel Insider™, a technology that enables people to watch high resolution, new movies, on their laptops and TVs, this technology already meets the generations’ demands. For example, the ability to watch a 1080p resolution movie is already meeting a standard of high quality. Additionally the convenience of being able to rent or buy movies from a PC, which, by the way, is where most of this generation watches their content, and then being able to beam them wirelessly to their TV screen is both a fast service and an experience


Click to learn more about Intel Insider™.

In the upcoming weeks the Intel Insider™ team will be looking at such things as:

  • The movie watching preferences of the generation
  • What this generation wants in the devices on which they watch media
  •  Conducting surveys and focus groups

The team wants to dig deep into what makes this generation tick, and make sure that Intel Insider™ technology meets their high standards!  Check out this video to see the latest on Intel Insider™.

Eva Levin

About Eva Levin

Eva Rodriguez Levin has worked at Intel for over 15 years, her passion lies with managing projects, people, the creative side and product launches. She has worked in several different positions including trade show and events, executive speakership program, PR, consumer product marketing, corporate diversity and web marketing. Currently Eva works on the Intel Digital Marketing team managing the consumer campaigns, gaming and managing the editorial calendar for the Inside Scoop blog. Eva holds a Journalism degree from the University of Oregon. In her spare time she likes to root for her University of Oregon Ducks, exercise, cook and enjoy family time.

2 Responses to An Introduction to Generation Y and Intel Insider

  1. Shekar Rajamani says:

    Well said!
    The new gen will not be demanding this; it is going to be more. For example. They will looking more in terms of a. Accurate information b. Quick analysis of data (tools also) to enable decisions making process c. Very very high accuracy. Last but not th least,relevance to the world they livein or expect.

    Look forwrd to read more .

  2. Vishakha Gupta says:

    Exactly! Thats what our surveys and focus groups are going to be about, figuring out what more generation Y wants and expects.