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Apple Keyboard Shortcuts and Touchpad Commands

rotate desktop apple keyboard shortcutIf you are used to a Windows user interface and use keyboard shortcuts, then when you alternate and use a Mac, it has a different set of keyboard shortcuts and Touchpad commands you’ll want to learn and remember. Below is my list of Apple keyboard shortcuts and Touchpad features I use most often.

Apple Keyboard Shortcuts

Text Manipulation

Command + C = Copy

Command + X = Cut

Command + V = Paste


Command + Shift + 3 = Full screenshot

Command + Shift + 4 = Active selection screenshot

Command + R during the photo preview = Rotate the photo preview (used in the image above).


Command + Blank = Switch input method in different languages

Command + Option + Esc = Mandatory quit process

Command + F5 or fn + Command + F5 = Turn VoiceOver on or off

Control + Option + Command + ,  =  Reduce contrast

Control + Option + Command +.  =  Increase contrast

Option + Control + Command + 8 = Invert/revert the screen colors

Control + F2   =  Move focus to the menu bar

Control + F3   =  Move focus to the Dock

Command + ? = Open the application’s help in Help Viewer

Option + Command + D   =  Show or hide the Dock

Command + F   =  Open a Find window

Option + Command + F  =   Move to the search field control


Apple Startup Keyboard Shortcuts – very useful on data backup/restore, installation as well as trouble shooting.

Command + R = Launch Mac OS X Utilities Tool








Option key = Display all bootable volumes, load the boot options (such as which hard disk will be selected as boot devices etc)








Shift key  = start up safe mode

C key = Start from a bootable disc (DVD, CD)

N key = Start from NetBoot server


Apple Touchpad Commands

Two-Finger Scroll =Scroll through documents, websites, and more.

Two-Finger Tap=Right click

Three-Finger Scroll =Scroll through different panes, similar as Tablet Or Phone’s panel shift.



Let me know of other shortcuts you use most often.




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