Eric Mantion

Eric Mantion

Eric is the Nerd Herder for Intel's Software & Services Group responsible for the Intel RealSense Community

You can find him online at:
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Eric graduated from the US Naval Academy, with a bachelor of science in Physics. He has served on Nuclear Powered Submarines and was attached to SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team ONE. He has worked in the Semiconductor Industry for over 10 years and has held positions as a Product Marketing Engineer, a Senior Industry Analyst, a Competitive Intelligence Analyst, and a Technology Evangelist. In whatever spare time he has, Eric loves spending working out (especially Beach Volleyball), tinkering with computers, dabbling with Linux, exploring Android, and playing video games (especially StarCraft II & DOTA 2)
Eric Mantion

Tell Intel How Shopping Should Be Smarter

Are you a shopping Ninja? Are your friends amazed by how you always get the best stuff at the best prices, faster than anyone else? Well we think technology can help make your shopping experiences even better, but we want you to help us figure out what should come next! Please share your thoughts with us to make shopping better for everyone! Read more >

Eric Mantion

Is Smart Shopping the Latest "Smart" thing to improve your life?

The transition to Smart Shopping can benefit stores and customers alike and this week in New York City, the National Retail Federation is holding their annual big show & Intel is there showing some pretty impressive things. In this post, we share with you some pictures of the different demos we showed along with a video that gives you a feeling for what a cool new demo looks like in action. Read more >

Eric Mantion

On MLK Day, All Men are Created Equal, But Clearly Not All Cores

If anyone missed it – Intel released some pretty big news at CES about our “Medfield” (Intel Atom Z2460) processor going into Cell Phones. However, Anand Shimpi from has released some even MORE interesting information which, when taken together may bust some age-old paradigms around the whole ARM vs Intel debate. Are you ready for a shock? Read more >

Female Veteran
Eric Mantion

Intel Rolls Out the Red, White and Blue Carpet for Veterans

Intel Blogger and Navy Veteran, Eric Mantion writes about why the new Intel VET (Veteran’s Employment Training) program is great, what the transition from the Military to Civilian worlds is like, and what it is is like working for Intel. Read more >