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Bloggers Live Their Visual Lives at Coachella

Coachella is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular music festivals but what you might not know is that Intel was involved this year. The Creators Project, an initiative between Intel and Vice, was named the creative director for this year’s show. And a show it was! The Creators Project redefined Coachella by creating visual experiences advanced by technology. We took this opportunity to invite a few bloggers to attend the show and talk to them about what Intel was doing at Coachella, a bit about The Creators Project and most importantly about Intel’s 2nd generation Core processors. I’d like to think that we enabled them to experience several ‘wow’ moments that they may not have otherwise seen. We found that they then shared their ‘visual life’ experiences to friends, family and blog/Facebook/Twitter followers. Below, several explained how they live their own visual lives and how their computer is key to achieving it.

Windsor Hanger –
As a blogger and publisher of an online magazine, sharing my Visual Life is absolutely everything. It’s true that the written word is powerful but combine text with vivid photography or captivating video and your story comes truly alive. When I try to tell the stories of my life from day to day on an online platform I find that it is the visually-engaging segments of my stories that become truly engaging. By sharing my Visual Life I allow my readers to truly connect with me and share in my experiences on a very real level. It’s infinitely important to me.

Shannon Vestal –
Sharing my Visual Life as become extremely important to me. The advantages of social networking have allowed me to keep in touch and connect with loved ones like never before, but without being able to show actual images of my Visual Life, the sharing wouldn’t feel as tangible as it does. For instance, my trip to Coachella is the perfect example. I was able to go while many of my music-loving friends were not, but many wanted to hear about my trip. I say hear, but really what means more to them are the photos I captured of the event. I can say that Arcade Fire released hundreds of lit-up balls, but it means more to show a photo or post a YouTube video of it. This allows the friends who didn’t get to go with me have a shared experience. But something else happens with those with whom I did experience the festival — even though they were there as well, the joy of the event after it has ended continues. How? Through the photos and video on Facebook and Twitter, and other social networks we belong to. These allow an endless experience of Coachella — one need only revisit the photos or video to re-live the adventure. Visual Life to me is as much about memories as it is any present experience — and that, to me, is the greatest gift.

Annie Wang –
As a visual artist, I find it absolutely essential for me to share my Visual Life. I do so by posting my inspirations as well as my creations on my Tumblr. The samples of photography, videos, charts, and random doodles I’ve collected are like teachers, counselors, and muses for me. To not document would be to forget…and what a waste of learning that would be! I also like sharing my own contributions to the visual world by posting my latest design for a dress, or a photo that describes a special moment in my life, or a cartoon I sketched to commemorate a human foible I’ve observed. I take care to credit the sources of my inspiration in case people who follow me might be interested in those I follow as well. I like to imagine that everyone’s Visual Life is connected through shared experiences, so why not facilitate the process of dissemination and discovery? My Visual Life is a dialogue of cross-pollination between the world and me, and is an important avenue through which others can accurately perceive and understand my personality, values, and habits.

How do you live your visual life?

Jessica Hansen

About Jessica Hansen

Jessica Hansen joined Intel Sept. 2010 as part of the consumer media relations team within Intel’s Global Communications Group. Jessica is responsible for increasing awareness and preference for Intel and its consumer products, particularly in the area of mobility. She utilizes a variety of offline, online and social media tools to expand the reach of Intel’s consumer messages, connecting Intel to major consumer trends. Prior to joining the Intel team, Jessica served as an agency account lead working with clients in a variety of industries including a focus on technology for a few national and international brands.

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