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Bluetooth Technology: 5 Wireless Devices to Review

A number of years ago, I purchased a Bluetooth headset, but never used it much because it was unreliable. Sometimes it would pick up when I didn’t want it to and at other times, I couldn’t get it to pick up calls when paired with my mobile phone. However, Bluetooth or wireless devices, which enable you to operate wire-free, sometimes called hands free, have come a long way in the years since I first tried it.

I’m curious to find out your favorite wireless or Bluetooth device. Please drop me a comment below with more info on any of your favorites.

Please also let me know if you’re new to using wireless devices. If so, I can provide more information to help you learn more. Below is a list of five possible devices to try out if you’re new to this type of technology.

1. Bluetooth transmitters for music players
Plug in one of these adapters to your music player and listen to music in the air, without headphones.

2. Bluetooth mice
Are you constrained by your corded mouse? If so, you might want to try and go wireless with a Bluetooth mouse. However, if you’re a frequent traveler, you may have heard the warning not to use the device on board airplanes.

3. Bluetooth headsets
Many states now require hands-free operation of your cell phone. While I still do not (personally) advocate talking on your cell phones while driving, it’s possible to answer and talk hands free with one of these devices.

4. Wireless keyboards
If you use a desktop computer or a tablet, you might have decided to purchase a wireless keyboard to go along with it. I purchased a wireless keyboard for my tablet and have enjoyed using it.

5. Wireless printers
I wouldn’t have much use for this one, but for some professions like realtors who need to have clients sign documents away from the office, a device such as a wireless printer might provide some flexibility.

What other wireless devices have you tried? Let us know in the comments!

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