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Bom Dia from Sao Paulo! Intel Extreme Masters

Intel Extreme Masters is at Campus Party Sao Paulo hosting our final Global Championship of season 6. Starcraft II is the game at this particular Global Challenge with the top two finishers qualifying for the World Championship taking place in March at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. We have gathered the top Starcraft II players from, well, around the globe, fighting for $28,000 dollars in prize money. Several rounds have been played narrowing the field but there is plenty more action taking place on the final two days, for up to the minute results go to ESL’s Intel Extreme Masters web site.

So we are at Campus Party and while my main focus is always Extreme Masters I have to say that Campus Party is really amazing. It’s a giant LAN fest with row after row of gamers, computers and empty Red Bull cans! In all fairness it really is much more with lots of different activities featuring the latest advances in areas of science, culture and digital entertainment.

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What a hoot though, the organizers have sectioned off a third of the Anhembi Parque hall (a massive structure that is 76,000 square meters) filled with little pop-up, two person tents that cover the entire floor from end to end, side to side. When people get tired they just wander over to their little tent (how they could find it in the mass of tents is beyond me) and crash for a while, get up and start all over again. And this all goes on for 7 days!

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You can find more photos from Intel Extreme Masters and Campus Party at our flickr page, just click on Your Photostream, you can also visit us on line at

All in all its been a great time here in Sao Paulo, the weathers warm, well hot actually, and the Brazilian food is outstanding!

So adeus from Sao Paulo! See you at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championships in March!

Don Bowden

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Don is a Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer in Intel’s Corporate Demos Group supporting various Intel events from executive keynotes to trades shows. His latest gig is with the Intel Extreme Masters Gaming Series where he provides general technical support. Don’s an avid gamer, mostly first person shooters, his real passion is on-line racing with which is the closest thing to driving a real race car as you’re going get. Don is also a skier, photographer and avid motorcyclist, making two cross country trips and a trek to the Arctic Circle and back from his home in San Jose, CA.

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