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CES 2012 Connected Car Concept: Your Car Comes to Life

intel ces 2012 connected experienceOther than the rocking Ultrabook™ demos in the Intel booth at CES 2012, the connected car concept experience provides a fascinating look at what our drive time could be like if our cars had Intel inside and connected intelligence.







What if your devices cointel ces 2012 connected caruld connect seamlessly and turn your commute into productive time for you? What things could you get done? Or, what could you learn about an area you’re visiting if your car could know where you are?







intel ces 2012 connected car flight assistantWhat if your car was your virtual assistant and could access your schedule? Then, not only could your car check you in for your upcoming flight, but it could also advise you of any flight delays for your upcoming business trip.







intel ces 2012 connected car social networksWhat if your car could stay connected with your social networks? You could then do status updates with voice commands without worrying about taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Imagine if your car could read your friends’ status updates to you during your morning drive, and you could compose voice updates in response.








intel ces 2012 connected live concerts What if you car could connect with the music on your devices and let you know of upcoming live concerts in your area? With voice commands, you could ask your car to dial friends to see if they want to go with you, and then your car could buy concert tickets at your request and add the event to your calendar.






intel ces 2012 connected occupantsWhat if all of your car’s occupants could connect to the car’s intelligence? Then, not only could your car suggest possible options for you, but it could also suggest and take care of your car pool companions easily.






intel ces 2012 managerIf your morning commute takes longer than expected, your car could ask you if you’d like to call your manager to let her know you will be late.










If your car knows your destination, it could act like a personal concierge and connect with your home or work to adjust the temperature  at home or work minutes before your arrival. It could even have coffee, tea, or dinner ready for your arrival. Alternatively, if you’d like to pick up take-up on the way, you could order take out during your drive home, pull up to pick it up, and be on your way much quicker.

If your was intelligent, you could go on a road trip, and your car could act like a travel agent and tell you about the local area and book hotel rooms for you along your route.

With connected intelligence, your car could automatically know your climate, music, and route preferences. It could know that you like to take the scenic route on the weekends and the fastest route to work without you having to program it every time.

When your car is smart, it could connect with internal systems and let you know what that check engine light means, or schedule an appointment for an oil change at your local garage or even scan your local businesses for the best deal on an oil change, book an appointment, and add it to your schedule.

There is so much that is possible when your devices can make your life easier. What other situations can you imagine?











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