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CES 2012 Intel Smartphone Reference Design

Intel smart phones CES 2012 demoI just listened to the demo of the Intel Smartphone Reference Design in the Intel booth at CES 2012.

I have to say, I’m blown away by the processing power in this phone, and I’m not just saying that — look at the feature list below.

Paul Otellini announced the Smartphone in the Intel keynote on Tuesday, “The best of Intel computing is coming to smartphones.”

The Intel Smartphone Reference Design:

  • – plays and records 1080p video
  • – supports timeline jumps without lag
  • – can support up to 15 fps at 1080p
  • – 4.03″ high resolution LCD touch screen
  • – two cameras with the ability to take 15 photos at 8MP in less than a second
  • – web pages render quickly with pinch and zoom capability
  • – java games are quick and fluid
  • – 3D graphics games look fantastic
  • – stays cool with energy efficient design
  • – includes McAfee security

In the Intel booth demo, they show an Immersive Media 360 degree video taken during The Ultrabook Project. You can turn the phone any direction, or even upside down and see the video change perspective without pixel or lag problems.

Plus, the phone has a calendar, alarm and you can even text and make calls! :)




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