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Choose an Ultrabook: Tweet or Blog on the Go

I’m no stranger to lugging a heavy computer bag across campus. In the past, I would toss in my regular laptop, power brick, phone, and phone charger, along with a book, notebook, pens, and wallet. Now I’ve added a tablet to the mix, instead of the book, but it all adds up to the point that I’ve got red welts and bruises on my shoulder from lugging everything around in my regular computer bag, along with a bit of tennis elbow from throwing too many extra things in the bag that I just might need.

Now, however, with an Ultrabook TM my computer bag can weight a lot less. Heck, I don’t even need a regular computer bag for an Ultrabook. With battery life of up to 9 hours, it means I don’t need to carry my charger along. I can leave the brick at home or in the car. I can also be selective when I put my tablet in my bag, as with an Ultrabook I have access to all my apps.

I can tweet or blog easily on the go with an Ultrabook. I don’t need to peck in a blog post with two fingers on my cell. Nor do I need to carry an extra keyboard along and waste time connecting it with my tablet. I can just open the lid on an Ultrabook and be up and running in seconds. That means I can get up to date really quickly on who has tweeted me last or who has responded to a blog post.

An Ultrabook is responsive and oh so portable. I can tweet or blog easily on the go. Plus, my shoulder and back will appreciate my decision to choose an Ultrabook, and I will also feel excited to use a computer that’s so sleek. See the Ultrabook features and and specs on our website. Below is a shot of the new Dell XPS13 that Paul Otellini announced in the Intel CES 2012 keynote.





Marcia Hansen

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Marcia works as a digital storytelling marketing strategist for iQ and the Intel digital newsroom. She joined Intel in July 2010 after her pioneering work in social media at Allstate Insurance. She loves words, movies, photos, and world travel. Marcia holds an M.A. from the University of Missouri where she completed a thesis on digital literacies.

3 Responses to Choose an Ultrabook: Tweet or Blog on the Go

  1. I’m trying to find the specifications of an Ultrabook. So far, thin, compact size, 5-8 hrs of battery life, quick boot-up
    and reboot. Somewhere I’d heard that the screens were touch sensitive as a tablet functions. But this seems to be in error. There seems to be very few manufacturers that make these “combination” machines. I have a Hitachi that does, it’s pretty heavy, and was pretty pricey, I’ve loaned it to my border, in my home. About 15 years ago I had a Compaq pda, that ran Microsoft Mobile Windows. I could write in cursive with a stylus on the screen and the devise would convert my cursive to typing. That was great.

    My ACER Aspire One, Is pretty compact. I carry a spare charged battery, and I’m quite pleased with it. I suspect some of it’s problems are due to the cpu being from AMD.