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Computer Help Needed: What has you cussing or curious?

computer testingI don’t know about you, but when I first started using a computer I had a few learning curves to navigate. There were so many frustrating times. I do confess to slapping it upside the monitor or alongside the case in an effort to get it to do what I wanted it to do. So we know, that sort of behavior doesn’t really help matters. It only increases our frustration level.

The purpose of this post is to get a better understanding of the computer help you might need. There are a number of different categories where you might have questions or concerns. Below are 5 computer help desk categories. Please drop me a note in the comments below so I can learn what has you cussing or curious.

1. Hardware and Regular Computer Maintenance
All of the hardware elements of your computer need to work well together. Have you suffered through a blue screen lately? Has your hard drive started to make clicking sounds? Perhaps, there new drivers you need to install so that your computer can speak well with that new printer you just purchased.

2. Software
Here’s where we can make our computers use some of that processing power. Do you want to learn how to create and edit videos in your spare time? Or, maybe you have a desire to learn how to create and share graphics for your friend’s new website. It could be that maybe you’re looking to get a handle on your family’s expenses so you could be interested in learning to track and manage your budget with spreadsheets or financial software packages. Maybe you’re a busy parent and need to learn how to manage schedules more efficiently so you can get on to bigger and better things.

3. Smart Phones & Mobile Apps
I’m a very proud daughter because my mother recently learned how to send the same text message to all three of her children. Is that something you’d like to learn how to do? Or, maybe you’d like to discover what else your phone can do. Perhaps, you’re curious about all the hot apps people are talking about so you can stay in touch or stay productive when you travel. It could be that you just want to transition all of your magazine subscriptions to digital versions or find other clutter-busting ways to move to digital.

4. Social Networks, Privacy and Security
Do you want to get a Facebook account but you’re intimidated by setting up a profile? Maybe you’ve heard about tweets, but have no idea what that is all about. Are you worried about someone accessing your digital files or family photos. Would you like a chance to ask questions and find out ways to keep your children protected while online?

5. Games and Entertainment
You’ve probably already found the solitaire game that’s on your computer, but you’re ready to branch out and find games for your phone, tablet, or PC. You know your children are watching TV on their computers, but you want to watch your own shows on your laptop. Maybe you want to find out how to watch what’s on your laptop on your big screen. It could just be a matter of learning how to find good, entertaining content at the best deal.

Am I missing a major category? What interests you or has you frustrated? Please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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2 Responses to Computer Help Needed: What has you cussing or curious?

  1. Mary-Lynn says:

    Marsha, I love the title of this article! It caught my attention because I can relate. One thing that’s really helped with my computer running more smooth, is moving media files that I don’t need on the hard-drive onto an external hard-drive. Audio & video files can really bog my computer down. When I free up more space on my computer, I swear at it less :P