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Educational & Entertaining Summer Vacations

educational summer vacationI’ve been working on a series of posts for summer travel, The Geek Travel Guide. See Stop 1 – California, Stop 2 – Texas, and Stop 3 – Illinois. If you’re planning a summer road trip, you might also want to watch: How to Prepare for a Road Trip.

I just came across a cute educational video on how to plan an educational summer vacation with children that I thought you might like to watch so you can start thinking about how you might plan your own summer travel plans.

I also found a couple other entertaining videos with ideas for summer vacations that you might like to watch.

1. Create an outdoor theater — The following videos walk you through step-by-step of how to put together an outdoor theater in your own backyard. Instead of going to the theater, you create your own. It could be a fun project you host once a week or once a month during the summer for friends and family.

How to Build an Outdoor Theater, Part 1 – the screen

How to Build an Outdoor Theater, Part 2, the projector

2. Water Parks — These can be really fun places to go on hot summer days. Check out the video below to make sure you make the most of your experience.

How to Have Fun at a Water Park

3. Amusement Parks — Always a popular choice for summer vacations, amusement parks can be loads of fun. However, check out the video below to learn some tips on how you can avoid getting sick while you’re there.

How to Avoid Getting Sick on Amusement Park Rides

You might also check out How to Avoid Long Lines at the Amusement Park if you’re headed to one of the big parks this summer.

Summer Airline Travel

If airline travel is in your summer vacation plans, you might want to check out the following videos.

1. How to Pick a Great Airline Seat – great tips in this video for choosing your seat. I’ve followed these tips on an international flight and was able to score additional leg room with a bulkhead set for no extra charge.

2. How to Get Through Airport Security and How to Get Through Airport Security Quickly: the first version has general tips for how to plan for getting through through security, while the second version has a couple of tips for how to get through quickly. One tip that I hadn’t thought of is to put everything in my pockets, including jewelery in a plastic bag before I leave for the airport. Then, once I’m through security, I can put things in their customary places, which I’ve learned is another tip for making travel less stressful.

3. How to Travel Europe with Kids – This video had some good tips for traveling with children, to Europe or in general.

Traveling with Technology

My colleague Mike Armstrong also wrote a post about traveling with technology: Travel Packing Checklist. Check it out for tips on what to do before you step on a plane with all your gadgets.

Your Summer Travel Plans

What are you doing this summer vacation? Have you started brainstorming ideas for how to make the most of summer days with the family? Or, do you have a educational or entertaining trip planned? It’s always fun to share ideas and get tips from others. Help us out by dropping a tip in the comments below. Thanks!

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