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Embedded with Innovation: Real Plus Virtual Footwear Wall

If you start to count all of the times it happens, you might be amazed to learn just how many times we all interact with embedded processor technology. It can be hundreds of times throughout the day – whether it’s getting cash from the ATM, checking out at the grocery store or stopping at a red light on the road – all of these devices are powered by an embedded processor.

The possibilities are endless and our everyday experiences are becoming increasingly connected. Below are a few examples you might have seen.

A terrific example of this model coming to life is the adiVERSE virtual footwear wall developed with Adidas. Using Intel technology adiVERSE allows Adidas to offer shoppers their entire shoe collection within the confines of a traditional retail wall space.

Enabling innovation in this space from intelligent farm tractors and autonomous robots, the Intel Atom processor has quickly become the fastest ramping product in Intel’s embedded history with over 5,400 design engagements – over 60 percent of those being conversions from a different architecture.

By bringing these innovative products and technology to the marketplace Intel’s embedded solutions aim to enrich our lives by putting intelligence into billions of devices that can be connected, secured and managed – creating a world embedded with innovation.

So tell me, how could innovative Intel technology help you in your everyday life?

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