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Experience Intel Event Kicks Off in NYC

I’m in NYC for the launch of the Experience Intel event kick-off. Experience Intel is a global tour where consumers can touch, play with, and experience the latest in devices with Intel inside, most specifically the Ultrabook. We have all the latest models for you to explore, including games that bring the features of the Ultrabook to life. In addition, there a tech gurus who are up on all the latest specs who you can talk to in order to get all your questions asked and answered.

See the images below to see how the Intel events team has created an event hub in Gansevoort Plaza, one of the hippest parts of NYC. Come see us in Gansevoort Plaza this weekend only. Not only can you experience the newest devices powered by Intel, but you can also recycle your old laptop and get a discount coupon on a new Ultrabook.


This image shows Gansevoort Plaza before the Experience Intel event space goes up.

Gansevoort Plaza Before

This next shot shows the frame going up for Experience Intel event in Gansevoort Plaza in NYC.

Gansevoort Plaza Frame Goes Up

Now you can see the Experience Intel space really take shape in this next photo:


Gansevoort Plaza Frame Takes Shape

In this next shot, the team is working on the giant screen for the Experience Intel space that will show data visualizations throughout the weekend.

Gansevoort Plaza Data Visualization Screen

Here is a shot of the Experience Intel event space last night at a pre-show for media and other VIPs.

Gansevoort Plaza Launch Night

Come see us this weekend in NYC at the Experience Intel event to recycle your old laptop, and Look Inside all the new Ultrabook devices.

intel look inside

You can also check out the Experience Intel website to see if the tour is coming to your city.

Marcia Hansen

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Marcia works as a digital storytelling marketing strategist for iQ and the Intel digital newsroom. She joined Intel in July 2010 after her pioneering work in social media at Allstate Insurance. She loves words, movies, photos, and world travel. Marcia holds an M.A. from the University of Missouri where she completed a thesis on digital literacies.

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