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Find Something by iCloud

I am trying another new application on my MacBook Air, which is called as iCloud.

To access iCloud, go to System Preferences and choose iCloud. To set up iCloud you will need to log in with your Apple ID.

For other devices such as iPhone, you can download free applications like Find My iPhone and then log in iCloud.


Now I can go to the iCloud site for finding and monitoring our devices. Click “Find My iPhone”, it will find the location (Standard, Satellite, Hybrid) of logged devices like iPhone, MacBook Air etc.

In addition to the “find” feature, it can play sound or send message to help you find it.  When it is lost or stolen, the app can also remote lock and remote wipe the device, which can be helpful for protecting personal information.

There are other “Find” features you may want to try from the Apple App Store.

Another fun app for you to try is: “Find My Friends”.


With Find My Friends, you can add and manage your friends in iPhone easily. After that, you can know more details such as location to your friends. You can also make yourself visible or invisible to your friends too. Give it a try if it sounds interesting to you.

Let’s start the creative thinking now, would you like to see more of these kinds of “Find Something” applications in the future?

You could find things such as pets, your wallet, or maybe even your credit card. Businesses could find future potential customers near them.

What would you like to “Find” with an app?


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