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Fun Photo Sharing: 4 online photo networks

I’ve been writing about photo editors for a few weeks now. See my previous posts, Go From Drab to Dramatic Photos with 5 Easy Online Photo Editors and Online Photo Editors: Easy digital art projects. In these posts, I mentioned how online photo editor apps can connect with your social networks like Facebook and Twitter. However, you may choose to share photos at a number of online sites, including the following 4 online photo sharing networks.

color photo sharingColor: the new photo sharing network. The concept for this site is a visual daily diary made up of your community (loosely translated as the people around you every day). To see how it works, download the app to your smart phone and get your friends to do so too. Then, at any events you attend together, take pictures, and instead of having to send pictures back and forth to share, you’ll create a shared stream of pictures marking the event. There are lots of questions about how this might work and privacy concerns (it’s a new start-up). You can read more about it in the Wired article, Color Me Fascinated or in this Reuters article, Ex-Apple Exec Rolls Out Phone-based Social Network.

flickr photo sharing

Flickr: the online photo sharing network, a Yahoo site. This network is one of my personal favorites. I like how I can upload photos and access them via a browser at home, work, or on my phone. In addition, I like that I can specify whether I share individual photos with friends, family, or mark them private. If you’re like me, you’ve spent days tagging photos and creating albums. Plus, it’s fun to browse photos by tags, explore interestingness or scan through pictures by friends. Have you browsed photos from The White House or
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center? Both are an interesting look at our photo history. A new feature, Galleries, enables users to assemble, or curate, 18 photos from other Flickr users.

facebook photo sharing

Facebook Photos: The last stat I read indicated that we Facebook users upload more than 3 billion photos every month to Facebook. With over 500 million active users, it doesn’t take long to reach the billion mark and surpass it. Let’s face it, we like browsing all of our friends’ faces and have made it one of the most popular online social networks where we share our photos. Recent enhancements to Facebook Photos include bigger photos, a better photo viewer, and easier tagging.

instagram photo app

Instagram: I love how ordinary photos become photo art projects with this iPhone app. If you check out the link or app, you’ll see that the concept for this app is reflective of taking an instant picture, or Polaroid.

Not each of these applications, or sites, have the same features, but each take advantage in unique ways of how much we are sharing photos with our friends. And, in case you didn’t know, [shameless plug coming…]the Intel 2nd Generation Core Processors enable you to upload and share photos and video in a flash.

What are your favorite photo sharing apps or sites? And, what features do you like the best?

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