Li Hao

Fun Video and Audio Apps in the Apple App Store

When you first get a MacBook, you may want to try out some apps in the Apple App Store, such as Free Movie Effects for use with video, and Relax Melodies for audio.

1. Movie Effects

As the title of the app suggests, this tool will enable you to add simple customizations to your videos and then them to your mp4 video.

I think you’ll find the user interface very friendly and easy to learn how to use.

I recorded a simple video to test the various special effects. Here is the original video of my screen as I scrolled the browser – Original Mp4 Video

I opened this simple video in the Movie Effects app, then started adding effects with the “Add Effect” button as shown below.

After it finishes, click Start Process.

Here are sample video files for you to see some of the special effects that are possible:

Rotate Effect

Black Border Effect

Perspective Effect

HueShift + Perspective Effect


2. Relax Melodies

This app provides many personalized relaxation and sleep sounds.

relax melodies

You can mix your favorite sounds very easily. For example, you can select “Rain on Roof” and “Thunderstorm” together. You may try your favorite combination to experiment with different options. Besides no more insomnia, you’ll have fun experimenting. I am very interested in these kinds of lovely sound applications.

What do you think?

These apps are fun and easy to use. I just tried 2 really quickly and there are many more apps a user can choose for a more flexible customization in video and audio.

Do you have favorite apps for video and audio?


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