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Garth Brooks in Las Vegas: Bucket List Check!

Garth Brooks in ConcertOnce it was confirmed I was going to attend CES 2012 for Intel, one of the first things I did was find out when Garth Brooks was going to be in concert. Lucky me — by flying out two days early, I was able to get tickets (on my own dime) to see Garth Brooks in concert. It’s an awesome concert to check off my bucket list. Even if you’re not a country fan, it’s still a great show to attend.

I love live music and hearing Garth perform at the Wynn Encore was a wonderful experience through the last 5 decades of country and pop music that has influenced his singing and songwriting. Think Haggard and Jones, his father’s favorites. Add in Aretha, Otis and The Pips from his mother.

I’d line up to purchase his renditions of When a Man Loves a Woman, Percy Sledge; Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, Otis Redding; Mrs. Robinson, Simon & Garfunkle; Wild World or Peace Train, Cat Stevens, Operator, Jim Croce; Sweet Baby James, James Taylor; Mainstreet, Bob Seger. He took these well-known songs and gave them a country rock sound with a southern drawl.

He had me laughing when he mimicked the most popular lines in songs by the original artist. Like full out, over the top, “When a Man Loves a Woman.” Also, we were laughing when he asked, “Did you know there were an awful lot of songs from the 60’s in which they never finished the songs?” Think do-wop, diddy, and na-na-nah-nah. There were an awful long of songs from that era that had do-ums versus actual words. What do you make of that?

For the second half of the show, it was a trip down memory lane with all Garth songs. I wouldn’t have guessed that The River is the song that generates the most fan mail. Another story he related was of the time when Larry King came back into the dressing room to interview him. Larry asked him, “You know what’s different about Garth Brooks fans? They know and sing back every word on your songs.” Garth confirmed that even when he traveled around the world, people sing back his lyrics, in English, complete with his southern drawl. It was true last night. I sang along with the rest of the audience to all our favorites. We capped the show by singing Friends in Low Places.

Amazing. Intimate. It was well worth going to hear just him play his guitar and story-tell/play his musical history. It’s a good thing I don’t live in Las Vegas. I’d be hard-pressed not to add a Garth concert ticket to my monthly budget.

From a technology perspective, there are no cameras, photos, or recordings allowed during the Garth Brooks show at the Wynn Encore theater. However, there are a few CDs and show memorabilia available for purchase. If you’re a Garth fan, you’ll want to pick up the CDs because there are no Garth songs available in iTunes. If you take your smart phone along, you’ll at least be able to capture a billboard or one of the Garth signs in the Wynn, as I did to get the image above.

While you won’t find Garth in the Intel booth at CES 2012, we do have some musical spots planned for the booth. Check back later for more information.


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  1. June says:

    I also have a Garth concert on my bucket list…… And will be going to Vegas in April to see this show! Although I have seen Garth twice before when he came to Maine in the mid 90’s, going to this show in Vegas is a dream come true!