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Get 802.11ac WiFi Smart

802.11ac WiFi infographic

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Do you watch WiFi video in the bathroom? IMHO, it’s the perfect place and “found time” to catch up on my Netflix queue while I’m doing my hair or putting on makeup in the morning. However, according to the facts gathered for this infographic, “more video is consumed in the bedroom than any other two rooms combined.” So where do you watch WiFi video?

Or, maybe you’ve been having trouble getting your WiFi signal throughout your house? You may need to think back and consider how long it’s been since you’ve upgraded your home router or access point. If you’re like me, you may be surprised to learn that you might need to upgrade it, even if it is still running strong with all the little lights just blinking away.

Symptoms of slow WiFi:
– is your streaming video pixelated?
– is your signal dropping?
– do you have dead spots in your home?

With an upgraded 802.11ac WiFi network and your new Ultrabook 2 in 1, you may be able to avoid these pesky issues because the “ac” version is the newest and strongest speed you need to bust through floors and doors throughout your home.

wifi-for-dummies book coverYou can download a free PDF version of the Next Gen 802.11ac Wi-Fi for Dummies®, by David Angell (Intel employee) and learn more about WiFi and why it’s a smart decision to upgrade your WiFi.


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