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Happy Earth Day! Be Green: Recycle Your Old Electronics Today

Every year on April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day – a day to celebrate the little blue planet we live on and think about how we can better take care of it. Earth Day’s origins trace back to Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson (credited as Earth Day’s founder) and the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. What started in the U.S. is now celebrated across the globe as a call to action to combat climate change and reduce the demands we place on our precious resources.

In keeping with the spirit of Earth day, I thought it would be a good time for a reminder that it’s always a good idea to recycle, but recycling electronics is particularly important. Whether you have old technology devices that are just sitting in the corner of your home gathering dust, or you are one of the 47 percent of Americans (according to a recent Intel surveywho keep their old tech devices long after they are useful  so you can access files on the old hard drives from time to time, now is a good time to get rid of your digital clutter.

There are a number of options when it comes to recycling your old electronics, including:

  • Best Buy has an exhaustive list of products that it accepts. The company upholds rigorous standards of privacy — with recyclers erasing and destroying hard drives and data — and environmental stewardship. More info here.
  • Dell, through its Dell Reconnect program, either resells old computers through a partnership with Goodwill, or recycles them responsibly with the proceeds benefiting Goodwill. Computers are accepted at more than 2,000 participating Goodwill locations. The program has kept over 250 million pounds of e-waste out of landfills since 2004.
  • Samsung has collected 250 million pounds of electronics through its recycling program as of January 2013 and has drop-off locations across the United States.
  • Sony offers EcoTrade, which accepts Sony and non-Sony items. Just type in your zip code and product type and a search engine will provide options for trade-in or recycling. Sony items in decent condition can earn credits toward future Sony purchases.
  • Staples stores accept old technology for responsible recycling that falls under the “office equipment” umbrella. This category includes desktop and laptop computers, shredders, mobile phones and small servers.

While the majority of Americans consider themselves both creative and tech-savvy, a disproportionate number of people are stifling their creativity by locking away their data (photos, videos, information) on old devices and also hindering their productivity by using slow, bulky, outdated machines. Sound familiar?

Now is the perfect time to recycle your old devices and refresh your outdated technology. Make your life smarter, faster and simpler with a new tablet, 2 in 1 device or portable all-in-one PC that is exponentially faster, lighter and more powerful than your old device, allowing you to unleash your creativity and great a fresh start.

If you would like to learn more about what Intel is doing to help the environment, you can find that information here. You can also check out for additional ways to celebrate Earth Day and support the environment.

Jessica Hansen

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Jessica Hansen joined Intel Sept. 2010 as part of the consumer media relations team within Intel’s Global Communications Group. Jessica is responsible for increasing awareness and preference for Intel and its consumer products, particularly in the area of mobility. She utilizes a variety of offline, online and social media tools to expand the reach of Intel’s consumer messages, connecting Intel to major consumer trends. Prior to joining the Intel team, Jessica served as an agency account lead working with clients in a variety of industries including a focus on technology for a few national and international brands.

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