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How to Install Linux Ubuntu on Ultrabook

Ultrabook is a very fashionable electronic product in the global market. I am using the Asus UX31 Ultrabook, and since I have some  technical experience on Linux, I am very curious how the Linux runs on it. Will the Linux experience on Ultrabook be pefect, fairly good, or poor?

How to Install Linux on Ultrabook

Firstly, I download the latest linux ubuntu image from

Next, I burn it to DVD.

Then, I boot the Ultrabook from the DVD.

I have two options – 1. Try ubuntu 2. Install ubuntu. For ensuring there is no change to my current window system, I choose the former. Now the system boots unbuntu on my Ultrabook.

As you see from the pictures, the ubuntu UI can be launched perfectly. If you want to install ubuntu to your hard disk, you can click “Intall Ubuntu…” from desktop.

Linux Ubuntu on Ultrabook

I go through the main UI quickly. It has a toolbar on left side that can launch the Firefox browser, applications, as well as an office component like LibreOffice.

For booting Linux on the Asus UX31 Ultrabook, I need to know if there is any requirement for Linux kernel.

I run “Terminal” from “Applications”

Linux Ubuntu Applications on Ultrabook`
And then in Terminal, I run “uname -r”

Linux Ubuntu on Ultrabook
You can see it shows “kernel-2.6.38″, which means as long as the kernel version is equal to or  greater than 2.6.38, it can be enabled to run the Linux on Ultrabook. By the way, even the kernel version is lower than 2.6.38, it might have possiblity to work (but I do not test it).

I also double check the CPU information by running “/proc/cpuinfo” from Terminal.

 Linux Ubunto Ultrabook CPU

You can see it shows there is i7 CPU on the Ultrabook, which is exactly same as configuration table of this Asus UX31 Ultrabook.


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11 Responses to How to Install Linux Ubuntu on Ultrabook

  1. Kim says:

    Li Hao:
    Thank you for sharing.
    In your post I see that you could intall ubuntu. But I miss your comment on:

    “Will the Linux experience on Ultrabook be pefect, fairly good, or poor?”

    – would you say it works fairly, good or poor?
    – is it not noisy?
    – Does it hivernate and suspend properly?
    – Power managment: do you know if it can run several hours with battery, similar or close to windows?

    • Li Hao says:

      From my experience on all the OS I tried in Ultrabook, the experience is perfect. Ultrabook is so cool and I like it very much!

  2. Mauricio says:

    Hi, thank you for the info! (:

    I want to buy an Asus UX31, but I wish to use Trisquel GNU/Linux on it. So… you know if the UX31 runs well with only-free-software?

    Maybe can you run
    lspci -nn
    and publish the output? :D

  3. Samuel says:

    Isn’t the whole point of an ultrabook – slim and light… and probably doesn’t have an optical drive – shedding excess size and weight. I would have thought that the installation instructions would have been a memory stick or network…

    Just saying

  4. Dave J says:


    I agree, the author could have been more clear on this and it makes me wonder if they actually followed the instructions themselves on an ultrabook or just cut and pasted the article from elsewhere.