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I could write about Intel Extreme Masters day 3 but I’m not going to

I could write about Intel Extreme Masters day 3 but I’m not going to. As I’m sitting here thinking about what to write I wonder what the readers of this blog would want to know, what interest and excites them about Intel Extreme Masters. Is it information about the competitors? Is it about Star Craft II, League of Legends, on-line gaming in general or some other game? Talk to me, let me know what interests you.

So let’s start a dialog… I’m a newbie when it comes to Star Craft II so some of the strategy is still lost on me so I’m posting a general strategy on Terran vs Zerg I snagged from Have a read and let me know if this is a good newbie strategy that will keep me from getting 6 pooled .

General Strategy

In general, Zerg players are weak versus mechanical units and slow to get units that can bust through or avoid your wall. As a result, once your wall is finished you are free to tech as you please.

The most powerful Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg strategy is getting a Mech army. Behind your wall, build a few Siege Tanks, Hellions, and Marines. Once you have a few Siege Tanks up, take your expansion. Be sure to scout for any air units.

If you see your enemy is making Mutalisks, resist the urge to make Vikings. Mutalisks do well versus Vikings so this is an exercise in futility. A few Missile Turrets and Marines will be just fine early in the game versus Mutalisks.

As the game wears on, pick up some Thors. Once Thors reach a critical mass (about 3-4), they become unstoppable versus Mutalisks. To repeat, a key Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg strategy is to opt for Thors versus Mutalisks. Make up for the Thor’s lack of mobility by placing Missile Turrets around your base and a Sensor building to detect enemy movement from far away.

Use Hellions to protect your Siege Tanks against Zergling packs. Slowly creep in your Thors, Tanks, and Hellions to the enemy’s base.

Most Zerg players will try to counter you by harassing your base while you are not there. The key thing to remember is that behind a Terran Wall, simply 2-3 Tanks, 4-5 Marines, a Thor, and a Missile Turret can handle even very large Zerg armies.

On the offensive, you do not need to take all your units with you, since Terran units are so effective versus Zerg units. Just leave about 20 supplies worth of units in your base as you slowly progress into the Zerg players base.

As you get very close to their base, be careful with your tanks. The easiest way to do this is to “leap frog”, which involves placing about half your tanks in Tank Mode, moving them up some, placing them in Siege Mode, and then moving the tanks that were left behind and doing the same thing.

This way, you slowly advance on the Zerg players base without ever being caught with all of your tanks in Tank Mode. This is a basic Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg strategy that is incredibly effective and will leave the enemy crying for nerfs.

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Don is a Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer in Intel’s Corporate Demos Group supporting various Intel events from executive keynotes to trades shows. His latest gig is with the Intel Extreme Masters Gaming Series where he provides general technical support. Don’s an avid gamer, mostly first person shooters, his real passion is on-line racing with which is the closest thing to driving a real race car as you’re going get. Don is also a skier, photographer and avid motorcyclist, making two cross country trips and a trek to the Arctic Circle and back from his home in San Jose, CA.

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