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IDF 2011 in Pictures: Pervasive computing

paul_otellini_idfI’m at the Intel Developer’s Forum 2011 today and tomorrow. I can share the headlines, and I also thought you’d be interested to see IDF in pictures so far this morning. The featured image to the left was taken by Intel’s Ken Kaplan.

One of the key points is that we’re all immersed in computing today. We take our computers with us everywhere. We look for Wi-Fi access at coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and at work. We’re putting more of our lives in the cloud — docs, photos, schedules, to do lists, etc. All of this creates new opportunities for us in our personal and professional lives. We think what’s coming over the next few years will be stunning in comparison to the last 30 years.



Intel CEO Outlines Company’s Plans to Lead Future of Computing
Intel and Google to Optimize Android Platform for Intel® Architecture


More pictures:

Intel futuristic researchPhoto Credit: Futuristic research chip from Intel powers up on postage stamp sized solar cell #IDF2011







intel-idfPhoto Credit: Lobby at IDF2011 from Patrick Darling







IDF 2011 keynote stage from Jim St. Leger







Continue to watch Intel IDF 2011 on Flickr for even more photos.


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