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#IDF2011 Recap Days 1 and 2: Video highlights

Below are video recaps from Day 1 and Day 2 from IDF.

Some highlights from the video and Paul Otellini’s keynote:

  • Over 14M developers have harnessed the power of Intel architecture to create the largest install base of consumer and commercial applications.
  • The device is important, but the experience is more so.
  • At Intel, we’re enabling a new computing experience that is more engaging than ever.
  • It’s what we call Ultrabook. It’s lighter, sleeker, and lasts long on a single charge.
  • It’s more responsive.
  • It’ll be secure so you can connect it without concern.

Some highlights from the video and Mooly Eden’s Keynote:

  • We’ll bring back the personal in the the PC.
  • The “C” stands for Creativity.
  • The revolution can be described in one word, Ultrabook.

From on the video:

  • Since I’ve been hanging out with the Intel folks, it’s changed my life.
  • I have a whole new mission to inspire the youth.
Marcia Hansen

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