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Inspired by the Con: The Search for a Visibly Smart Halloween Costume

At the end of every Halloween I have grand ideas of how next year I will take the time construct a more creative and innovative costume.  Yet somehow, every year I seem to forget about Halloween until it is too late.  This year is no exception.  As I scanned my emails this morning, I realized that I have a couple of options for celebrating Halloween this year.  My first thought – “Nikki, you have plenty of time to grab a costume and figure out where to celebrate”.   Then it dawned on me… Halloween is in 5 days, most parties will be this weekend, and I have no idea what I want to be.  This stream of events led me on what felt like an internet scavenger hunt to find the best costumes for the lowest price.  After finishing my 30 minute search uninspired and costume-less off to work I went. 

Oddly enough, it was when I was crossing things off my to-do list that I found inspiration.  After I read through my teammate’s recap of Intel’s participation at New York Comic Con – visualizing attendees watching The Dark Knight beaming to TVs from laptops with 2nd gen Intel® Core™ processors (thanks to our Insider™ feature and WiDi capabilities) –  I ended up skimming through Intel’s New York Comic Con photos on Flickr .  And that’s when it happened – I finally saw an insanely creative costume. 

  At first I was convinced this photo was a statue – but after asking event attendees, it was confirmed – a person was actually inside this insane creation.  While I personally would never be able to construct or walk around in anything close to this, I can honestly say I’m truly wowed, confused as to what this costume actually is, but wowed none the less.  As I continued to sort through the photos, I found some creative and yet more realistic options…

  …The scary looking dead guy…And yes I’m aware that he’s probably an actual character from a comic book or movie, but I’m not that as versed in the entertainment industry as I would like….  

 …The pirate that looks like he came from a Mario Brothers video game, or some other video game…

  …Mario! – probably the only costume I was able to get correct from the photo stream…

…a knight….a queen…

 …and the Joker from Batman – whom I heard could perfectly mimic the Joker’s voice. 

Though I don’t think I’ll be recreating any of these costumes for this weekend’s festivities, I do have to say I learned a couple of things about costumes: (1)Makeup and face paint go a long way and (2) I can probably get away with using clothing from my own closet- as long as the combination creates a character.  So back to the drawing board I go to create a quick costume – but at least this time with some inspiration. 

What will you be for Halloween this year?

2 Responses to Inspired by the Con: The Search for a Visibly Smart Halloween Costume

  1. Deadpool says:

    Hey that’s not a knight bro. You see the Triforce on his shield? Yeah, that’s Link from Zelda. He’s wearing the new Twilight Princess suit. Zora armor I believe. That particular Link is a big shot Cosplayer from all the North Shore conventions. consider yourself extremely lucky you got to meet him let alone snag a photo. I see him everywhere and he’s always surrounded by people taking his picture.

    So I suggest you call him Link on your page out of respect for such an icon.