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Intel @ Dreamhack

Just a quick update on Intel at Dreamhack, take a look at this video and see how DreamHackers are getting down and dirty with technology at the world’s biggest LAN fest, watch the video and you’ll get an idea of what 15,000 gamers look like when the get together for a little friendly competition, and the competition is not always about gaming, how about a push-up contest…

See how you can create an amazing e-mosaic out of a 1000 pictures, really cool technology, powered by the 2nd generation Intel Core i7 Extreme Processor

And there is still lots of activity taking place at Dreamhack so be sure to check back for videos of the BlackBox SSD challenge and Intel BlacklightRetribution LAN tournament.

Don Bowden

About Don Bowden

Don is a Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer in Intel’s Corporate Demos Group supporting various Intel events from executive keynotes to trades shows. His latest gig is with the Intel Extreme Masters Gaming Series where he provides general technical support. Don’s an avid gamer, mostly first person shooters, his real passion is on-line racing with which is the closest thing to driving a real race car as you’re going get. Don is also a skier, photographer and avid motorcyclist, making two cross country trips and a trek to the Arctic Circle and back from his home in San Jose, CA.

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