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Intel Extreme Masters Day 1 comes to a close

Day one here at Intel Extreme Masters is wrapping up as I type this entry. Things were kind of slow today, gamescom was limited to press and industry types so traffic in the Intel Gaming area was light. The competition today consisted of Star Craft II matches between groups A and B with winners advancing. The main stage where the competition takes place is pretty cool; it’s a mini version of the stage that was used for the World Championships last March at CeBIT. Here’s a picture…

The triple screens make for great viewing with each competitors game play being show on the side screens with the middle screen showing what’s exciting at the moment. For a complete rundown of who played who today go to the ESL Extreme Masters website, lots of news and video of the various matches played today.

The one good thing about it being a slow day, I was able to get around to the other halls and see some of the new game titles coming out without having to make my way through wall to wall crowds. From what I saw there are some great new games to look forward too. One thing I found interesting, as you know games are rated for the appropriate age level. Here in Germany any game rated age 16 and older has to be hidden from view to insure someone 16 or younger cannot inadvertently view it. This makes for some pretty interesting booth design with those games hidden behind partitions blocking the view with someone at each entrance making sure no one under 16 enters, and believe me they are serious about this.

We managed to get into downtown Cologne for dinner a couple of evenings, great restaurants and beer gardens as well as some beautiful old architecture, especially the DOM, an old gothic style church. If I get the opportunity I want to get back downtown to do some night photography which I’ll share on our flickr site. Speaking of flickr I posted a few pictures form gamescom today so have a look.

That’s it for now; check back for day two’s report.

Don Bowden

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Don is a Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer in Intel’s Corporate Demos Group supporting various Intel events from executive keynotes to trades shows. His latest gig is with the Intel Extreme Masters Gaming Series where he provides general technical support. Don’s an avid gamer, mostly first person shooters, his real passion is on-line racing with which is the closest thing to driving a real race car as you’re going get. Don is also a skier, photographer and avid motorcyclist, making two cross country trips and a trek to the Arctic Circle and back from his home in San Jose, CA.

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