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Intel Extreme Masters – We’re in Sao Paulo Brazil Baby!

It’s not only the weather that’s hot here in Sao Paulo, the League of Legends (LoL) competition has set the place on fire. The Brazilian crowds have been going nuts watching the Brazilian team paiN Gaming advance to the finals where they put up the good fight, but it was the powerhouse European team Millenium that took them down 2-0 and walked away with the $15,000 first place prize money. The crowds for LOL have been amazing, when the doors opened at 10:00am on the first day of competition approximately 1000 screaming Brazilians rushed through those doors, and with in minutes, the 425 seats were filled and the surrounding area was standing room only and it stayed that way throughout the tournament! They do love there eSports here in Brazil!

If you missed the live streams of the LoL matches we have videos of the quarter-finals, semi- finals and finals match available on the Intel Extreme Masters web site.

The League of Legends winners, Millenium



Today starts the StarCraft II, Heart of the Swarm tournament, with players from North America, South America, Europe and Korea fighting for a piece of the $25,000 in prize money. We are expecting  some fierce battles with teams trying to unseat the favored Korean players. The Korean players are masterful at this game, eSports in South Korea are huge with entire television channels dedicated to gaming, it’s no wonder they are some of the best StarCraft II players on the planet. Competition is just getting started so You can watch all the matches streaming live from the Intel Extreme Masters web site and if you miss the live stream you can catch up with pre-recorded video so there is no excuse to miss out on the action.

As always we accompany our tournaments with our Consumer Experience Zone where guests can play the games featured in our tournaments, Lol and Star Craft II, as well as FIFA14, Arma III, Total War Rome II, Hearthstone Hero’s of Warcraft (open beta), Soncic3D Blast, Grid 2 and TrackMania, all running on systems powered by Intel’s Core Family of processors.

 But wait, there’s more… We also run daily mini competitions with ShootMania and Our ShootMania competition consists of eight qualifier rounds with the winner of each advancing to the ShootMainia finals at the end of each day, the winner of the daily final walks away with a Core i7 Extreme processor.

ShootMania final, checkout the concentration on the players faces.


Our competition takes place in our Formula One simulators, the driver who posts the fastest lap of the day driving the Formula One car around Sao Paulo’s challenging Interlagos circuit also wins an Intel Core i7 Extreme processor.

Two drivers trying to keep the rubber side down.


And thanks to our Sao Paulo Intel office and local OEM’s (that’s Original Equipment Manufacturers) we have an UltraBook petting zoo with the latest and greatest UltraBooks, tablets and All-in-One systems on display for our guests to touch, feel and experience, probably the only place in Sao Paulo where you can see them all under one roof.

Things are starting to pick up in the StarCraft II tournament area so I’m going to hustle over and take in the competition, look for an IEM Sao Paulo wrap up coming soon. Oh, I almost forgot, the food here in Sao Paulo is amazing!

Don Bowden

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Don is a Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer in Intel’s Corporate Demos Group supporting various Intel events from executive keynotes to trades shows. His latest gig is with the Intel Extreme Masters Gaming Series where he provides general technical support. Don’s an avid gamer, mostly first person shooters, his real passion is on-line racing with which is the closest thing to driving a real race car as you’re going get. Don is also a skier, photographer and avid motorcyclist, making two cross country trips and a trek to the Arctic Circle and back from his home in San Jose, CA.

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