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Intel-iQ-logoIn a recent article in CMO by Adobe, Tom Shapiro, Founder and CEO of Digital Marketing Now, recognizes Intel as one of the 3 Megabrands That Hit The Branded Content Nail On The Head. I have to say, it’s great for Intel to be recognized and to be in the company of Red Bull and GE, who were the other two brands mentioned in the article.

Shapiro notes that iQ by Intel succeeds, not by telling our history as a processor company, but by sharing stories our audience wants to read about the ways we use technology — both the benefits and the challenges. iQ gets props for upping the entertainment value while also giving Intel greater brand equity.

One way of looking at the audience for iQ is that it’s for the geeks in all of us. We all want to feel more confident and productive, learn what’s new in technology – from fashion and entertainment to sports and automotive – and have fun while we’re at it. Every day Ken Kaplan and the other editors are throwing a technology party over on for readers who want to join the fun and learn what’s new.

One recent article in iQ, How Tablets are Bringing Boundless Creativity to Life, demonstrates the tone I think iQ tries to strike. Readers can watch a video Intel collaborated on with Flume that showcases a band of instruments powered by Intel tablets, or read more about how artists and art galleries are using tablets, and even learn about an engineer in a red Mohawk who’s creating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Carnivals to inspire, educate, and entertain children with technology games, as well as get up to speed on a few new tablet apps. Sure, there are a few links to learn more about Intel tablets, but there is also so much more entertaining content to explore.

In my opinion, brands get content right when they create stories readers what to dive into and also share with their friends. It’s not an easy task. When marketers genuinely love their products, it’s easy to come off too smarmy.

What do you think? Which brands are creating content you want to read? Are there other brands that do a good job of story telling without being too heavy handed on the product selling?

Marcia Hansen

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Marcia works as a digital storytelling marketing strategist for iQ and the Intel digital newsroom. She joined Intel in July 2010 after her pioneering work in social media at Allstate Insurance. She loves words, movies, photos, and world travel. Marcia holds an M.A. from the University of Missouri where she completed a thesis on digital literacies.

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