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Android and IntelI can’t help but think “Wow, is Intel really launching a phone?”  This week at Mobile World Congress more news and verification that yes, Intel is on the map, specifically in Barcelona, Spain and made  more news about Intel Smartphone plans at the conference, attended by 50,000 worldwide mobile industry people.

Intel answered the call and announced two phones; The Orange* phone will launch in France and the UK and the Lava* XOXO, which will launch in India in the second half of 2012.

And more consumer friendly news, Intel is also partnering up with Visa*, where users can experience secure mobile financial transactions.

Which got me thinking, with all of these great new smartphones, and our growing attachment to them, what would you not give up for your phone?

Here is a fun statistic….

63% of mobile phone users would rather give up chocolate vs .their mobile phone!

What about you? What would you give up that you like for your phone?

Check out this Infographic:





Check out  the complete Facebook Lava and Orange Photo Album 

And finally visit our Intel Smartphone web page:














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