Ken Kaplan, Managing Editor, iQ by Intel

Intel is now on Twitter

This week, [@intel]( came alive inside the Twitterverse.
A wise employee set up the account a while ago and graciously gave the keys to Intel’s Center of Excellence, a team brain-powered by @bryanrhoads and @kellyrfeller who helped form Intel’s official social media guidelines and Digital IQ curriculum for employees around the world.

My Global Communications teammate [@kfcochrane]( and I ([@kenekaplan]( will lead @intel into the future with help from Intel employees throughout the company…and others in the Twittersphere interested in Intel.

For many, Twitter really caught their attention a few years ago during the South by South West Interactive event in Austin TX.

I felt the buzz, but for me the real action started when I saw Twitter inside Intel.  I heard people from Intel’s Software and Services Group talking about it in meetings and events like the Intel Developer Forum

Then I began watching Intel coworkers like [@jasbancroft]( and [@jmoriarty]( — a few of Intel’s social media pioneers — actually dive in and start “microblogging” with the best of them.  Social media pioneers like @jowyang, @chrisbrogan, @rohitbhargava  began inspiring many of us.

Today inside Intel, we have probably hundreds of employees with their own Twitter account. Sure, most of us work behind the protected “firewall” and use IM and email, but Twitter has been a wonderful place for learning, sharing and connecting with people who share similar interests. 

There’s an @pulseofIntel account that pulled together some of the employees into following one account.  There are Intel event accounts like @IDF, team accounts like @IntelResearch and @Intel_Education, and accounts for Intel blogs like the automated feed @IntelBlogs and the lively @Inside_Scoop_Blog managed by Intel’s talented @britopian.

Before getting started with the new @intel account, we got great advice from Intel Insiders including @briansolis, who has been helping people better understand how social media and networing technologies work, and can be used to share knowledge.

Do you Twitter?  If so, please follow @intel as we share news, views and events about innovation and technology.  If you haven’t started your own account yet, check out this “how it works” video by [CommonCraft ]( and [Twitter resources here](


3 Responses to Intel is now on Twitter

  1. Ken, thank you so much for taking the lead on this. What a great way for people interested in keeping up with Intel announcements and other corp related news. It’s also great that many Intel employees are also encouraged to connect with folks through their own Twitter accounts. Great leadership, Ken & Keisha!

  2. kenekaplan says:

    Thanks, Allen. @JobsatIntel is definitely one account I wish I had included. Glad you did!
    My team has been sharing stories on how news media are using Twitter.
    The BBC
    BusinessWeek is following valuable stories about Twitter and how it’s being used by companies
    For Twitter historians, here’s how we created our profile image. My Intel headquarters pal Beth worked her image editing magic to blend a photo of an Intel 45nm wafer with a banner ad. The combination created a colorful icon of “touching” Intel technology. We dubbed the image our Twitter Hippie.