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#IntelAIO – Big Tablet + Sleek Desktop

Tablet Fun Plus Sleek Desktop Computer

When you’re shopping for a new PC or tablet, you have a new choice you might consider: portable all-in-one computers. AIOs offer tablet fun with productive desktop capabilities in the one device. Below are three of the all-in-one devices you’ll see in stores or for for sale online this holiday season.

 Sony Vaio Tap 21-inch All-in-One PC


Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27-inch All-In-One PC


Dell XPS 18-inch Touch All-in-One PC



Tablet Fun – All of these systems have touch screens that fold flat so you can take them to the dining room or family room to play games with friends and family. Family game night gets redefined thanks to the big touch screens and portable power.

Desktop Productivity – If you need to get work done, then finishing a presentation or document for work in desktop mode is fast and easy thanks to the big display screens.

Social Apps – Your multitasking life gets simplified when it all flows like it should. Add apps in Windows 8 to chat with Skype, catch up on Facebook, or display six full columns on Hootsuite to follow the conversation on Twitter.

All-in-one PCs offer rich multimedia, powerful performance, and stylish design without the clutter of multiple cords. Learn more about these big portable tablets that are also sleek desktops at

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