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#IntelTablets Have My Top 22 Favorite Apps

Samsung Galaxy Tab3 #IntelTabletsI just received a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to demo for the #IntelTablets team. I’m excited to unbox this new tablet and take it for a spin.

My biggest initial questions in using this tablet:
1) set-up – would it be a hassle?
2) apps – could I get my favorite apps?

First, let me say that set-up was painless on this Android tablet with Intel® Inside. Other than setting the bells and whistles (notifications) for various items and learning what the sounds mean, it’s been an easy process.

Plus, I’m happy to report all my favorite apps are in  the Google Play Store, which is also known as the Android Marketplace or Android AppStore on Amazon. If you buy an Android tablet, like this Samsung I’m using, just tap on “Play Store” to search for and install these apps. Or if you load this blog post on your tablet, you can just click on any of the links below to add them to your apps.

Reading – I love to read so my favorite two favorite apps are Kindle and Zinio. Kindle for all my books, and I use Zinio for magazine subscriptions, although you can get magazines from Amazon’s Kindle Store too.

Pictures – I’m a long-time Flickr user so having access to my photostream is important, as is access to Instagram, which is my another social photo app I use. Plus, who doesn’t like Pinterest?!

Social Media – My top 3 social networks are Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Chances are, you’re on one or all three of these too, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll lose access to your friends and conversation when you get an Android tablet.

Mail – Intel tablets with Android come with a standard mail app, but I’m also testing the Gmail and Yahoo Mail apps from the Play Store. I’m always trying to find the best way to process email.

Notes – I’m a big Evernote fan for when I want to save notes and refer to them later. I use it to save travel itineraries, reading notes, and recipes most often. Plus, there are times when I just want to take a quick note so I use the Text Memo app that comes standard.

News – It’s no trouble finding a news app. I was able to find all my favorite apps for news in Google Play: CNN, HuffPost, The Economist. Plus, they have Feedly, my RSS news reader and the digital magazine Flipboard.

Movies – I’m a big movie fan. I love streaming movies and TV shows as well as going to actual theaters for movies. With this Samsung, I can stream a show when I have time, or check to see when a movie is showing at a theater near me because Google Play has both Netflix and Flixter, which are my two favorite apps for videos and movies. Plus, I can use iTV for tonight’s TV schedule.

Travel – I am on the go as often as I can manage. I usually start vacation research at Trip Advisor to get the inside scoop on things to do and places to stay. My favorite airline apps are from Southwest and American Airlines. I was able to book a quick trip to see a friend this weekend, using the app, not the regular website. I still find it fascinating how much I can do right from an app.

That’s it. Those are my favorite apps – the ones I use most every day. Even though the Google Play Store has over 1 Million Android apps, these are my top 20 favorite apps I use most often. Chances are your go-to apps are in the store as well.

Drop me a note in the comments below to tell me about your favorite tablet apps.

Other Tech Specs: This Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (GT-P5210) has a 10.1 inch screen, running Android 4.2.2 with an Intel 1.6 GHz processor.

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