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Las Vegas in Photos: 10 Photography Tips for Great Photos

I’m headed to Las Vegas for CES 2012 next week. I’m taking my camera, and my goal is to take some high quality photos in and around Las Vegas and at the Consumer Electronics Show. One of the ways I try and uplevel my photography skills is by checking out photos by other photographers and applying some of the concepts they have used to take awesome photos in Las Vegas.

Below are my top 10 tips for great photos in Las Vegas.

1.    Look for Architecture shots.
This photo of the Holiday Motel has lots to love. It’s got a different camera angle, along with the retro architecture and wonderful blue sky. I think what really works is showing the old and the new in one photo.

2.    Try different camera angles.
Check out this photo of Ballys and Paris, Paris. While the photographer could have captured either building level with  the horizon, he has created more interest in the photo by changing up the camera angle.

3.    Fill the frame.
It’s standard advice, but always worth following when there is so much that catches your eye and you have that overwhelming impulse to include everything in the frame. This photo not only has a different camera angle and retro architecture, but it also fills the frame.

4.    Capture the lights in unique ways.
The following photo really appeals to me because it’s a clear shot of Las Vegas lights, but it’s abstract. It’s definitely not the standard tourist shot.

5.    Get food porn shots.
Not only do I want to enjoy Las Vegas Food Choices, but I also want to capture some great food pictures before I consume it. Enjoy these great photos of croissants and burgers with brilliant depth of field.

6.    Capture fancy drinks for fun.
You could use this tip to either keep tabs on how much your drinking or use it as an excuse to order more fancy drinks. For great photos, it would be better to get these shots at the start of the evening!

7.    Get candid, cropped people shots.
It doesn’t have to be a photo of Elvis as in this photo, but getting great people shots are a must. It’s easy to capture random crowds of people, but it’s more difficult to capture tight, clear photos of people.

8.    Be patient for a fountain shot.
The fountains at the Bellagio are one of the most photographed sites in Las Vegas, but not everyone can do them justice. I think the following fountain photo is awesome because of its clarity, timing, and composition.

9.    Look for color and lines.
Check out this next photo with fabulous color and lines. This perspective makes it a more unique shot of a hotel.

10.    Get up early and look up for great daytime shots .
I’m going to need to go to bed early at least a few nights so I can get up early and get a good daytime photo before the conference starts. I love this daytime capture for its brilliant blue sky, composition and camera angle.

I hope you found these tips helpful for getting great photos of Las Vegas. You can also view all the photos in my Las Vegas Flickr Photo Gallery.

Come back to Inside Scoop to see coverage during CES with photos from the conference. If you’re out and about, I hope you’re able to get some great captures. Drop me a link below in the comments to your stellar captures.

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