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11 Leadership Lessons From Silicon Valley

poptech leadershipAs you might imagine, the culture at Intel is very fast-paced, as it is with much of the technology industry in silicon valley. Surviving and thriving in a fast culture such as this one takes  leadership abilities from everyone across the organization.

I like to think of leadership as the ability to get things done or inspire others to get things done when you don’t have formal authority conveyed via an organization chart. The role of developing leaders, or developing yourself as a leader can mean finding opportunities where you can exercise your talents on behalf of the organization or company, and in the big picture — to making the world a better place.

I’ve gathered the following videos featuring leadership lessons advocated by technology entrepreneurs and business leaders in silicon valley. It’s a really compelling set of recommendations on what it takes to be a leader.

1. Skills of Great Entrepreneurs – Randy Komisar: Take advantage of opportunities as they arise, whether self-created or arising from others’ efforts.

2. Optimizing Career and Life Opportunities – Randy Komisar: Optimize the people you get to work with and where opportunities flow

3. Design as an Iterative Process, David Kelley: Enlightened Trial and Error: the ability to capture feedback and improve

4. Follow your Passion, David Kelley: Have balance between passion and business issues of company. What is the emotional part of the company that makes you want to be there every day.

5. Characteristics of Enterpreneurs, William A. Sahlman: Relentless pursuit of opportunities. Execution is everything.

6. Leadership and Capability, Carly Fiorina: Sometimes the most important capability is to be able to ask a question and hear the answer.

7. Leadership Style of Women, Jackie Speier: Polite women don’t make history.

8. Success is not About You, Tom Conrad: Be humble while helping people do things they’ve never done before.

9. Vulnerability as a Leadership Skill, Ori Brafman: Showing vulnerability helps you build deep relationships in the workplace.

10. Executive Leadership Series, Richard Levy: Integrity, Intensity, (continuous) Improvement, Inspiration (teamwork), Intuition (good judgement)

11. Innovative Women of Intel, Deborah Conrad: Ask why (to find simple solutions)

Photo Credit: Pop Tech Science and Public Leadership Fellows

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