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Make it Wearable: The Show is About to Begin!

Behind the Scenes Make it Wearable Challenge Finals Event

Behind the scenes today at the Make it Wearable Challenge Finals Event. The show is about to begin.

The first phase of the Make it Wearable Finalist presentations are about to begin! The stage is being set, lighting is adjusted, the DJ is getting ready to spin tunes, and we have a luminary panel of judges ready to be seated, including Intel’s CEO, Bryan Krzanich, tennis superstar and entrepreneur Venus Williams, fashion and accessories entrepreneur Uri Minkoff, Pauline Brown – Chairman of LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy), Hubert Joly – CEO of Best Buy, Stefan Olander from Nike, and Brian Nohe – President of SMS Audio.

Luminary Panel of Judges for Make it Wearable Challenge

Staging the judges chairs at the Make it Wearable Finals Event.

The 10 finalist teams of Make it Wearable Challenge cleared a field of 500 entrants from around the world. They span numerous industries including, heathcare, wellness, sports, fitness, photography, and production. Learn more: 10 Finalist Teams Trying to Make the Big Time.

The race to the grand prize has been challenging! The finalist who advances to first place will win a $500,000 USD grand prize. The runner up will receive $200,000 USD with the 3rd place finalist receiving $100,000 USD — not too shabby! You can download images of the finalists on Flickr or from

Behind the Scenes Stage Make it Wearable Challenge Finals Event

The stage is being set for the top 10 finalist presentations of the Make it Wearable Challenge

Tune in to watch the finalist presentations and winner announcement via a live stream webcast at 12:00 pm PDT (noon) on Monday November 3, 2014.

DJ Stand Make it Wearable Final Event

DJ stand at the Make it Wearable Final Event


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