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Mobile Security from McAfee – Use it or Lose it!

Did you know that there are currently over 4 billion mobile phones in use worldwide today? Mobile phones are quickly becoming our primary means to stay in touch, take pictures, shop, bank, listen to music, and socialize. We store personal and professional information on them, and because we use them for almost everything, they have both a high financial and emotional value. The big problem with having a mobile device as your lifeline is that they are WAY too easy to lose. What would you do if you lost your mobile device and all of its content?

A recent study found that 40% of people would rather lose their smartphone than their wallet. []

I don’t even want to think about what someone could do with all my personal information if they got a hold of my smartphone. Most people today don’t understand that their mobile devices are vulnerable to the same threats as their PC that could result in unpleasant things such as financial fraud and identity theft. So, what can you do to keep your private information private and keep all of your data secure?

With McAfee Mobile Security for Android, BlackBerry and Symbian, you get a mobile application with a comprehensive set of security measures. Not only does McAfee Mobile security prevent bad guys from misusing your mobile device and personal information, but it can also help you search and shop safely. Here’s a quick summary of how McAfee Mobile Security can keep your mobile lifeline safe:

Complete Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, and Anti-phishing – Scan and clean malicious code from inbound or outbound emails, text messages, attachments, and files.

Safe Searching and Shopping – Protection against web threats such as risky links within SMS, email and social networking sites as well as browser exploits and malicious QR codes.

Device Lock – Prevent misuse of your phone and personal data by remotely locking all data, including the data on your memory (SIM) card.

Remotely Wipe Data – Protect your privacy by remotely deleting the data on your phone and removable memory card.

Backup and Restore Data – Preserve irreplaceable personal information on demand, on a schedule, or before you wipe your missing smartphone, then restore your information to your new device.

Locate and Track – Recover your smartphone if it is lost or stolen. View its location on a map, send an SMS to prompt its return, and use a remote alarm to make it “scream.”

Uninstall Protection – Keep a thief or another user from bypassing your McAfee mobile protection.

Check out a free 7-day trial here:

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