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My Interest in Pinterest

love reading home and garden magazines. I like looking at all of the pictures and getting inspired about what I want my future home to look like. I like reading new recipes and getting excited about trying new foods.

Unfortunately, I don’t like clutter, so I tend to recycle my magazines filled with all of my inspirations and end up making the same-old pasta and jarred sauce in my dull, under-decorated apartment.

Pinterest has become the perfect solution to my problems! Now I can look at photos, read recipes, and get craft ideas and “pin” them to my boards in an organized, easy way. I have shortened my list of bookmarks, which was previously so long that it was painful to sort through it to find the right link. Now, I have a place to store my inspirations, and I have slowly begun incorporating new ideas into my life and surroundings.


Here are the top five reasons why I’m loving Pinterest:

1. I can keep track of stuff I like – I can make different boards for different things, for example, a board for recipes, a board for home decor ideas, a board for DIY and crafts, etc. I can categorize the things that I love so that when I want to go back to them later, I know exactly where they are.

2. It’s SUPER easy to use – There’s a button that you can add to your browser’s favorites bar that makes it as simple as one click to pin something to your Pinterest boards. I added it all of my web browsers so that no matter what I’m doing, I can capture things. Plus, the button automatically links the image back to the original source. It’s a breeze to re-pin things that your friends have pinned, leave comments on pins, and follow pinners you really like.

3. I can steal borrow inspiration from friends – I can follow my friends’ pins and see the types of things that they like. I get a lot of really good ideas from other people, and Pinterest facilitates this borrowing. Also– you can get some great birthday gift ideas for your friends based on what they’re pinning.

4. I can get magazine content without the subscription price – A lot of companies are now using Pinterest to share their content. For example, I follow posts from Better Homes and Gardens. I used to subscribe to the magazine simply to look at the photos. Now, I have access to a lot of the content online without buying a subscription and killing trees.

5. I save money by pinning things I like rather than buying everything that catches my eye – I love to spend money, but I don’t always have a lot of it to spend. With Pinterest, I can pin all of the things that I like, decide on a few things that I absolutely need, and make smarter purchasing decisions.

Get inspired! Try out Pinterest and follow my Pinterest pins/boards.

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2 Responses to My Interest in Pinterest

  1. Malu says:

    Happy Birthday (day late). I haven’t figured out my pstierent account. I just go on and search for things I like, but I always forget to bookmark. Ugh. Facebook. Blogger. Pinterest. I sure am glad I stay up late at night to enjoy these guilty pleasures! :)