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My Son, The Gaming Convert

My family’s love for the PlayStation 3 has soured of late. Ever since my 16-year-old son Max built his killer desktop, this household of three PS3s has experienced a revelation and a revolution — a literal game changer. I’ll let Max tell about it, but before he does, please allow me a “proud dad” moment. Max, a junior at Rio Americano High School in the Sacramento area, is also a part-time computer sales associate at Best Buy in Citrus Heights, and their top one at that. He’s a whiz at selling the Ultrabook and anything else Intel. Also, since the age of 14, he’s run youtube.com/unboxtechnology, a tech review site that helped him earn credentials at the recent Consumer Electronics Show. Bummer that he couldn’t use them. That darn school thing got in the way. ;)

Here’s Max:

Since I first started playing video games, it has solely been on a console, but with modern technology, the way I play video games is changing. Last month I built my own gaming computer, equipped with a ASUS GTX660 GPU and an Intel Core i7-3770K CPU. I installed a plethora of PC games, including personal favorite “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2,” and I’m blown away. The powerful 660 always maintains 60 frames per second on COD, and on “Team Fortress 2,” I get 300 frames per second. There are many debates on why PC gaming is better or worse than console gaming, and now having seen what a PC can do, my original opinion and partiality of the PlayStation 3 has drastically changed.

Now a convert, I offer my reasons why PC gaming is superior to that on a console:
• Consoles play games with 20-30fps, a PC with 60+ fps.
• Consoles have 1280×720 and even sometimes sub-HD resolutions, but PCs have 1920×1200 and 2560×1600.
• PCs have better graphics (lighting, textures, etc.).
• Consoles don’t have anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering.
• With a console, you cannot mod the game.
• With consoles, you cannot play multiplayer with more than 16 players, but with PCs, you can play with 50 or more players.
• With PCs, you have a dedicated server, but with consoles you do not. Consoles use peer-to-peer only and that is very bad because if someone lags then everybody lags.
• There are tons of exclusives on PC gaming including “StarCraft II” and “DayZ Standalone.”
• If you like RTS and MMORPGS games, then PC gaming is your only choice.

All in all, the debate of whether PC gaming is superior over console play will be a constant battle, but for this gamer, at least, I’ve seen the light. Thanks to an amazing GPU and CPU, console gaming is game over.

David Dickstein

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David Dickstein is an Intel media relations manager and staff writer for Intel Free Press. Before joining Intel in 1999, he was with Pacific Bell/SBC (now AT&T) in Los Angeles and a staff writer on daily newspapers in Southern California. He has served as president of the Orange County Press Club and on the national board of the Society of Professional Journalists. In addition to his day job, David is a freelance entertainment and travel writer for a variety of California publications. Follow David on Twitter @rallymonkey.

3 Responses to My Son, The Gaming Convert

  1. Mister M says:

    I have a PC hooked up to our main HDTV and run Steam in Big Picture mode upon boot. With an SSD this happens insanely fast, you get all the PC eye-candy and because I use a wireless 360 controller you get that “kick back and relax” console feeling.

    Best of both worlds.

    I also have a lower-spec deskbound PC in the bedroom for those games you just have to play with a mouse.

  2. Rui says:

    Good job explaining why you prefer PC Gaming.

    Mind you, “• There are tons of exclusives on PC gaming including “StarCraft II” and “DayZ Standalone.”, dont you feel there are (unfortunately) more exclusives on consoles?

    PS: Tell your dad to tell his boss that us hardcore enthusiasts want an 8+ core i7 Ivy Bridge-E cpu, price be dammed! ;)