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New convertible Classmate PCs are here!

Earlier today at CES, several computer manufacturers announced new Intel-based Classmate PCs with the convertible design that lets kids convert the clamshell design into a tablet. They look very cool… I can’t wait to play with one! convertible3.jpg
Ubergizmo posted live updates from the press conference where the PCs were unveiled.
Here’s a quick rundown of key features of the new Intel-based convertible Classmate PC design. More info, including tech specifications, here.

  • Dual mode of use for students – tablet mode and traditional laptop mode – adjusts with changing needs in the classroom
  • When open like a traditional laptop, the screen swivels 180 degrees for sharing with peers and teachers
  • Touch screen & advanced palm-resting technology promote new models of interaction for children
  • Allows for writing or drawing directly on the screen in a natural way
  • Built-in camera rotates 180 degrees to enable students to interact in a new way
  • Carrying handle, lightweight and compact size to support micro-mobility inside the classroom
  • Durable construction and rugged outer case
  • Water-resistant keyboard
  • Education-specific features and touch-optimized software

Intel also announced the Intel Learning Series, an initiative that integrates hardware, software and services designed specifically for education and supports technology companies that customize products and services in their own country, innovating in and around the classmate PC reference design. Local PC manufacturers will offer both the new Intel-powered convertible classmate PC and the existing clamshell design to students and teachers and the PCs will be preloaded with student-friendly software through support from the Intel Learning Series.
The addition of the new convertible PC will coexist with the existing clamshell design, which is being used in Portugal’s Magalhães (Magellan) Initiative – the Portuguese government’s country-wide program to provide PCs to all elementary school children via the local computer manufacturer and telecom service providers. Intel has been involved with various pilots of the clamshell-design Classmate PCs in Mexico and Nigeria. Check out these videos on the pilots — pretty amazing and inspiring what technology can do in the classroom.

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