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NYC: Come See Experience Intel & Event Performers Xpogo

The Experience Intel event in New York City this weekend in Gansevoort Plaza has all the latest in Ultrabook™ for you to experience. Not only can you get all your tech questions answered, you can check out the games, video, artists, and athletes [New York schedule] who are bringing the attributes of Ultrabook to life. One group of athletes that are performing is Xpogo.  It’s truly amazing what Xpogo does on pogo sticks. If you’re in NYC this weekend, be sure to stop by and see a performance.

xpogo at experience intel

Xpogo has rapidly grown their business over the past ten years as their fans watched performances online.  Now a world-record setting organization, they perform, shoot and create videos in real time using cutting-edge technology.

At the Experience Intel event, their CEO, Nick Ryan, talks about their use of Ultrabook technology.

Sleek and portable – Xpogo travels a great deal and they need a sleek, mobile device that keeps up with them.

Convertibility – They can take advantage of the convertibility of Ultrabook because not only is it portable, but there are tasks like reviewing photos and videos, which they can do more easily on a tablet and then when they’re in full production mode, they can flip, twist, or slide back into laptop mode.

Responsive – Since Xpogo is on the road a great deal, they can take advantage of the responsiveness of Ultrabook to connect while traveling, making video calls to with family, fans, and business contacts.

The Xpogo team are true performance athletes and they need an Ultrabook device that can stay on while they are on. They really count on the long battery life of Ultrabook so they can capture video during their performances, which they are doing in the photo below during a pogo stick backflip.


xpogo backflip

 Come see Xpogo and all the latest and best Ultrabook devices in Gansevoort Plaza, this weekend only, at Experience Intel.


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