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NYC: #LookInside Ultrabook: Gansevoort & 9th Ave: @SmokeApple

Carlye Rubin of Smoke & Apple Films is speaking at Experience Intel this weekend. Carlye (the NY Apple) and her partner Katie Green (London Smoke) are filmmakers who are dedicated to finding innovative ways of storytelling while shedding light on many issues of today.

carlye rubin

At Experience Intel, Carlye shows a short film that shows how they were able to make their idea of collaborating as filmmakers come to life through the use of modern technology.


Smoke & Apple Films

Using technology such as the Ultrabook, they can remain in constant contact and communicate as if they were working together in the same room, instead of in different countries. Technology helps them run their business and develop their innovative work. It’s crucial to the way they work.

Visit Experience Intel this weekend to learn more about Smoke & Apple Films and all the latest in Ultrabook devices. Plus, you can recycle your old laptop for a discount coupon on a new Ultrabook.


Marcia Hansen

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Marcia works as a digital storytelling marketing strategist for iQ and the Intel digital newsroom. She joined Intel in July 2010 after her pioneering work in social media at Allstate Insurance. She loves words, movies, photos, and world travel. Marcia holds an M.A. from the University of Missouri where she completed a thesis on digital literacies.

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