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Paul Otellini Intel Keynote, CES 2012

Paul S Otellini IntelTo kick off the Intel keynote, Paul Otellini, President and Chief Executive Officer, for Intel discussed how computing needs to meet the following criteria:

1. Engaging

2. Consistent

3. Aware

4. Secure



Computing needs to be engaging, consistent, aware, and secure. We want to watch and stream HD video. We want computing to work across a variety of devices. We want our devices to be automatically aware of our needs and where we are. Plus, computing needs to be secure.

Paul had some big announcements including…

1. The Intel Smart Phone – Coming first in China with the Lenovo K800. It will ship in the 2nd Quarter of 2012.

2. Intel Reference Design Smart Phone – with an 8MP camera, 15 fps compatibility, HDMI 1080p video playback 6 hours, audio playback 45 hours, as well as 3G talk time of 8 hours, and standby time of 14 days. Plus, it’s more energy efficient. Intel has built a great platform to build upon.

4. Motorola/Intel Partnership – Intel and Motorola Mobility have formed a strategic, multi-year partnership. Motorola will begin to ship smartphones with Atom on Android in the 2nd half of 2012. See Intel Newsroom ChipShot.

3. Shopping Extensions from Physical to Virtual – Adidas used Intel technology to create a virtual footwear wall, an extension of a physical store. See Inside Scoop post on AdiVERSE for more info.

4. Intel and Tablets – Intel will raise the bar and offer compatibility with the millions of existing apps, as well as instant on for software and apps. Paul showed a Tablet based on 32nm Atom technology using Windows 8 with a Metro interface and applications.

5. Ultrabook™ – Paul began this segment with a fun video of the Ultrabook around Las Vegas. Ultrabook is generating a lot of excitement in media and around CES 2012. Then, he was joined by Dell, who introduced a Dell XPS 13 – a new responsive Ultrabook with a sleek design and great user experience. One of the key features is that the same experience you have on a smart phone will be on the Dell Ultrabook. Dell will begin taking orders in February.

Ultrabook with IvyBridge – These Ultrabooks are built using the Intel 22nm process for a no-compromising experience. Ultrabook with Touch and with a phone controller to play games.

Ultrabook with Thunderbolt – This technology will enable you to transfer large movie files to your Ultrabook.

Ultrabook with MGo in the AppUp Center – Easily get TV shows, music, and movies on your Ultrabook. You will be able to convert your Ultrabook to a tablet and watch your HD video, or you will be able to stream it to your HDTV.

Ultrabook and Shopping – Coming soon you’ll be able to just tap your MasterCard on your Ultrabook for secure checkout. Or, use your Intel Smart Phone to do it.

Ultrabook Project – Next, Paul showed a video of how, Intel’s Director of Creative Innovation uses his Ultrabook and announced the Ultrabook Project. will travel to 12 cities around the globe for the Ultrabook Project during the 12 months of 2012 and create music using his Ultrabook. During the keynote, Paul and played a clip of the song that created in Tokoyo on the first stop of the Ultrabook Project. Visit the Ultrabook Project website and download your copy of the song. The next stop will be Mexico City. Lastly, talked about how technology is changing music: “Ultrabook is the new ghetto blaster.”

Paul closed the keynote by saying: We’re excited about creating the future of computing.

Marcia Hansen

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  1. Chris says:

    Is this a typo? “Ultrabook with IvyBridge – These Ultrabooks are built using the Intel 32nm process” I thought IvyBridge was coming out on the 22nm process?

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