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Popping Up With Ultrabook™ In L.A.

Here’s a question. You can do a lot with one Ultrabook™, but what could you do with 60?

We call it Ultrabook™ Pop-Up Theater. We got a bunch of Ultrabooks and 60 (by the end of it, very friendly) people and took to the streets of Los Angeles earlier this month for a bit of fun.

With some clever choreography and a dash of software smarts we created a giant mobile human billboard and visited some iconic L.A. landmarks. Enjoy!

So what is Ultrabook Pop-Up Theater?

It’s a light-hearted project that is designed to help introduce people to Ultrabook, a new category of devices inspired by Intel.

Jayant Murty, our Asia Pacific director of brand strategy and integrated marketing, says his team wanted to launch Ultrabook to the world in a fun and unexpected way. “It showcases the nature of these great new devices and demonstrates how they can inspire and delight us during everyday moments,” he says.

The project involved collaboration between creative and technology experts, as well as an energetic team of 60 young men and women, who helped bring Pop-Up Theater to life. The team visited more than 10 locations in three days—including the famous Chinese Theater, Venice Beach and downtown—entertaining and engaging with crowds as it unfolded.

“We hope many more people will enjoy it on-line,” says Jayant.

There are six Ultrabook Pop-Up Theater videos. Launched just a few over a week ago they’ve already been watched more than a million times!

You can find Ultrabook Pop-Up Theater at:  And keep an eye out for Ultrabook™ Temptations, coming to a YouTube screen near you soon.

Jessica Hansen

About Jessica Hansen

Jessica Hansen joined Intel Sept. 2010 as part of the consumer media relations team within Intel’s Global Communications Group. Jessica is responsible for increasing awareness and preference for Intel and its consumer products, particularly in the area of mobility. She utilizes a variety of offline, online and social media tools to expand the reach of Intel’s consumer messages, connecting Intel to major consumer trends. Prior to joining the Intel team, Jessica served as an agency account lead working with clients in a variety of industries including a focus on technology for a few national and international brands.

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  2. Nicole says:

    We love the element and surprise brought to your audience using the pop-up theatre. We’d love to learn more about the software used, and determine whether we could leverage this creative concept at the corporate campaigns we design.