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President Obama at Intel

Wow – what a day!

US President Barack Obama joined us at Intel today to talk about education, innovation, new investments and American manufacturing. What an honor to host the President of the United States!

Our CEO Paul Otellini and the President talked about the need for investing in our youth and raising the standards in Math and Science education in particular.

“Our country and this company have been built on innovation – and manufacturing has been at the heart of America’s economy for over a century. Technology and the semiconductor industry have been driving economic growth for the last 50 years. In fact, when averaged over the last 5 years, the semiconductor industry is the nation’s #1 exporter” stated Otellini.

Intel is a global company today, and proudly so. Yet, we think of ourselves as an “American enterprise” Otellini continued. Intel generates three-fourths of its revenues overseas, yet maintains three-fourths of its manufacturing here in the United States. We set the bar for world-class manufacturing around the world.

On education, Intel will continue to invest in educating and training the workers that will invent and manage the industries of the future. Over the last decade, Intel has invested nearly $1 billion in education around the world, especially in math and science education. Our Intel Teach program has trained more than 9 million teachers worldwide — with nearly half a million in the in the U.S. — to integrate better technology into and the learning process.

Education has been the key theme as the President has travelled the country this week, following the release of his 2012 budget on Monday. The proposed budget calls for a $2 billion increase in education spending — $77.4 billion total, including $90 million to create ARPA-ED, an education technology agency modeled on DARPA, the Defense Department research agency responsible for, among other things, ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet.

Bryan Rhoads

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  2. geekbabe says:

    How exciting it is to have a young President who is keenly aware of the importance of technology to our nation’s future, what’s even more exciting is seeing Intel’s commitment to America and it’s investment in the youth of this nation.

    A company that keeps the bulk of it’s operations here,providing work for Americans while leading innovation globally is one huge reason why, if the computer doesn’t say “Intel Inside” I’m not buying it.

    Thanks for powering my world Intel!