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President Obama Visits Intel: Fabulous Time at Fab 42

I’m checking this one off the bucket list, the opportunity to see a President speak live. The President spoke at the Intel Ocotillo campus and touted Intel as a leader of innovation, the future of manufacturing and supporter of education









It was amazing to watch and witness the day unfolded. I was there early around noon. First the magnitude of security and local support from the police department and fire station, the community came together to provide a beautiful and safe backdrop to President Obama’s visit. Secret Service men and women where there and even a platform stage had Sharp Shooters perched and scouting the perimeters of campus.








Fabulous Fab 42 was the backdrop which, when finished, will be the most advanced high volume semiconductor factory in the world. And the backdrop boasted the biggest land crane on earth; it was a site to see. The event finally kicked off around 4pm, a few local Intel employees lead the invocation and Pledge of Allegiance, everyone who had stood in the winter sun for hours chuckled when they were asked to “Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.” There was literally a lot of LOL, as they had been standing for well over 3, 4, or 5 hours.

Fab 42 Ocotillo, AZObama at the PodiumObama at the Podium

It was exciting for the President to use Intel as a proof point that the future is in manufacturing and innovation;  Intel exemplifies it, he said “the factory that sits behind me is an example of an America that’s within reach.”

As I sat in the press area as both a volunteer and blogger, I truly reflected on what a great company I work for and how Amazing Things do happen at Intel. To have the President come to personally acknowledge that was perhaps the biggest compliment a company and employee could get.

Obama at the Podium

It was a Fabulous day at Intel, Fabulous time and a Fabulous visit at Fab 42!

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