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Retailers Ringing in the Holidays with Tech Innovations

When it comes to shopping today, consumers want the best of online and in-store experiences.
It’s no secret that many of us confer with our favorite online reviewers or product sites before ever setting foot in a store. And most of us have used a smart phone to look up product information and compare products – from home and while in the store. According to a recent NRF survey, more than half of those who own a smartphone will use their device to research products, redeem coupons, use apps to assist in a purchase, and buy holiday gifts and items.
Retailers have taken notice and now look to smart phones and tablets as critical channels for reaching customers. This holiday season, they’re offering a much wider assortment of new mobile apps, shopping guides, mobile coupons and other digital enticements to enhance your shopping experience. And they’re doing it earlier than ever, going out weeks in advance of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when the holiday shopping season traditionally begins in the U.S.
LEGO Interactive Window

With analysts predicting a rather lackluster holiday shopping season this year, retailers are also utilizing some pretty cool innovations to draw shoppers into stores and make the experience much more fun. This year, you may find unexpected technology innovations calling out to you this holiday season.

adidas last month installed a virtual footwear wall at its flagship store in London. This interactive digital wall allows consumers to browse through the store’s entire inventory, pull up detailed product information, and even connect with friends on social media networks for real-time buying feedback. The LEGO Brand Retail Store in Chicago is also deploying an entertaining digital window display where shoppers will see a cartoon version of themselves mirroring their every step and movement in Chicago. Both innovations are powered by the Intel® CoreTM processor family offers shoppers an enhanced in-store shopping experience. 

For retailers, all of this technology innovation represents a huge opportunity to liven up your shopping experience and hopefully boost their success at the register. So with Black Friday just around the corner, how will you shop this holiday season?

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